11 best hip flasks that are the perfect companion for drinking on the go

by:Petolar     2020-06-21
In today\'s one-off society, there are not many accessories to buy daily necessities, but buy yourself a high quality hip flask and you will want to cherish it forever.
By reuse, they gently change the shape and texture, which makes each one unique and personal, taking it to a precious possession.
Therefore, choosing a trendy bottle for yourself or as a gift requires some serious thinking.
How will it be used?
As an occasional supplier of warm wine during outdoor travel in cold months?
Or maybe for those who like to cheer for a sore drink to ease a long train trip.
Are they going to be secretly stolen, or will they be passed on a long hike or next to a campfire and show off among friends?
To help you narrow down the selection of hip flask, we have been busy filling and sliding from the best flask, so whether you are looking for a practical container, or something that has a personal feeling for a precious gift, we think there is something for everyone in this list.
Few retailers have such impressive product lines
As a hip flask for Farrar & Tanner, there is a range suitable for most flavors and styles.
Our taste shows us the classic curve of this 6-ounce flask from Pewter, UK, made of luxurious dark leather with a captive top to prevent you from losing.
Pewter is a material used in kitchenware as early as the Bronze Age, and its relative softness is ideal for hip flasks, and these smooth ones as they are used more
Farrar & Tanner also offers pewter engraving and leather embossed services for you to experience more grades.
Now one of the most popular products in the gift experience series personalized hip flask is a product that looks like a barrel.
For those who are less keen on handing out War imitation weapons, we picked out a more sober set of gifts-a 4 oz stainless steel bottle with a pouring funnel and two cup boxes packed in smart packaging.
The flask itself is highly polished and very sturdy, so it should be suitable for service life, even though it is more compact in size, there is still plenty of room for engraving personal information up to 100 characters.
London\'s Buy nowAspinal is known for its luxurious leather products, and this double flask set is wrapped in black leather with a cobalt suede lining and of course a sense of quality. The two screw-
The bottle at the top is also individually decorated with matching leather, fixed to the top with straps, fixed with poppers, so you can easily remove one at a time.
This is a smart and exquisite set that gives you the option to carry two different spirits or to give one generously to your traveling companion.
It may be cheap to buy a 6 oz bottle from nowBar Craft, but it has everything you want.
Its soft arch curves are designed like this, and when it is stuffed into a pocket, it snugs up on your body;
Polished stainless steel provides a shiny look and ideal protection for your wine;
The screw has a lanyard attachment on top to prevent you from losing it while sipping in secret.
A tested design perfect for your wineon-the-go needs.
Buying the nowStanley classic rectangular flask comes in two sizes, 236 ml and 148 ml, and while they may have prepared water for larger bottles, we think the smaller option is perfect for drinking.
It is made of tough stainless steel with a Green Hammerton finish and comes with a secure green lanyard attachment.
The whole package is sturdy and compact, perfect for living in a backpack pocket.
Few companies are now better known than Zippo, which has produced more than 0. 4 billion lighters since 1930.
The company also applies its skills to some trendy flask designs and the value-for-money leather --
We were impressed by the packaged items.
It is made of stainless steel, with black leather fixed at the waist, giving it an extra grip on its soft and curved shape.
It is equipped with a captive top with a solid feel that makes it a practical option for outdoor types.
It\'s not cheap to buy nowEttinger\'s hip flask, but their exquisite leather packaging is designed to dash in the highest fashion circle.
Their sterling series is designed in a typical stainless steel bottle (
With pouring funnel)
There are four bright colors to choose from: purple, red, orange and our favorite turquoise.
They are colorful and you can not only feel the taste of leather luxury goods, but you can also see it a mile away.
No one can hide-this is a trendy bottle for a trendy hipster.
This Ted Baker hip Thermos has a cylindrical shape of a classic thermos hot drink thermos, but its leather
The exquisite look of the stainless steel package means that it is definitely designed for wine.
The capacity of 300 ml is large and the two cups are neatly placed under the removable hood, ideal for those who like to share drinks.
Buy a nowHip flask for excellent travel companions.
They provide you with regular shots of your favorite wine and don\'t take up much space.
For souvenir hunters, we really enjoyed the 5 oz stainless steel provided by the London Transport Museum.
Its circular design echoes the \"hidden London\" logo, and in addition to making it easy to get in and out of the tiny pocket space, you\'ll see it engraved on both sides. The flat bottom enables it to stand upright during filling.
Simple but practical gift for city commuters.
Now buy the classic 6 oz stainless steel bottle design, as shown in the entry of the bar craft above, perfect for decorative decoration, and find attractive covers suitable for a variety of flavors.
We love this flask decorated with garden bird illustrations, giving you color while taking a big sip of wine-find a garden bench to relax and enjoy what\'s in the bottle, it will almost certainly bring out your hidden twitter.
If you are a Scotch whisky distillery and want to make a trendy flask with your best 12-year-
Old single malt whisky then you will want it to be in the best Scottish costume.
That\'s why glendrak teamed up with Walker Slater, the world-famous tweed maker, to transform a standard stainless steel 6-ounce flask into a tailor-made fit to perfectly
The bold autumn color echoes the deep burgundy and golden tones of whiskey and its label, and the dark purple heathery tones give it a unique Scottish feel, setting off a scene
The leather logo is a pleasure.
As for the 750 ml bottle of whiskey, it has the sweetness of the sherry bucket, with the spicy smell of nuts and the orange peel, which will make you happy every sip.
Buy it now and you don\'t need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality jug, however, if you have more cash to invest, then we suggest that Pewter, UK, combine leather with pewter.
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