8 tips for choosing the best blender for smoothies

by:Petolar     2020-10-06
Whenever you make smoothies, ingredients such as fruits and vegetables are usually mixed with a small mixer like a stick or a manual mixer.
However, when frozen food or ice
The cube is necessary and the mixer should have the ability to break ice and enough strength to do the work effectively.
If you don\'t get the best mixer with the required features and the right amount of power, you won\'t be able to make delicious smoothies.
There are many types of mixers that will allow you to find smoothies in the market.
You might want to know which one is the best mixer for smoothies?
Everyone can mix fruit and vegetables into smoothies.
So how do you choose the best in it?
When you choose the best mixer for smoothies, you need to consider 8 Important things before deciding to buy smoothies, for example: 1.
The best mixer for the Power tile will require a higher horse power motor of at least 500 watts or more power to mix the raw material so that it has a finer texture in the smoothies.
Perhaps this is the most critical standard in a blender. A high horse-
The electric mixer can mix the toughest foods and handle them quickly and smoothly.
For example, it can crush and liquidate ice, frozen fruit, vegetables, frozen drinks, etc without leaving
On the ice grains, separate the tiny seeds in the berries in a few seconds, because this force can rotate the blades at high speed. 2.
The price will be high when you have an extra dollar investment
End blender is probably a good choice. A high-
End blender offers features that make smoothies easier.
High widely used
The final mixer has Vitamix and Blandtec.
They are all created for high quality and are often used. High-
The final blender will cost you about $400 or more. Mid-
About $80 for series mixers$120 or higher.
Maybe these mixers will be good.
Fully equipped and capable of making smoothies on a regular basis.
Cheap blender prices are around $30.
I think you \'d better stay with mid
Range mixer or highend blenders.
It\'s just my opinion. It\'s your decision anyway.
Cheap mixers may save you money, however, they will most likely not last for years. 3.
The pitcher/JarThe pitcher or jar that comes with the mixer is also a key factor to consider.
For example, the size of the jar, you should make sure to buy a blender that can make smoothies based on the size of your family.
Usually the size of some mixers is 32-ounce, 48-ounce and 64-ounce blenders.
Another thing you should consider is whether the jar is plastic or glass?
Plastic cans are not easy to break when they fall.
It may, however, be scratched and may form bacteria, stains, and smells.
When the glass pitcher drops unexpectedly, it gets heavier and breaks easily.
But a glass can is easy to clean.
By the way, you should pick the BPA-free polycarbonate tank that will crush-proof.
It is not easy to scratch. 4.
Designer design you can also consider using designer mixers in a variety of different colors to suit your preferences and fit your kitchen theme.
You may find some mixers high and may not be suitable for the kitchen counter.
So make sure you have enough space before deciding to buy a particular mixer. 5.
The operation is simple, you need to choose the mixer, it has the function you need, and most importantly, it is easy to operate.
Some mixers have a pulse button where you can complete certain tasks of mixing by simply pressing the button.
For example, the \"broken ice\" button makes broken ice.
This feature can be mixed in a short time. 6.
Easy-to-clean mixers must be kept clean after making smoothies.
Whenever you mix, you will find that liquid spills are inevitable.
The button mixer may be difficult to clean when the liquid spills between the buttons.
A mixer with a choice of Dial, touchpad or switch control is easier to wipe and clean than a button mixer.
You might want one removed-
Blade capable of easy cleaning.
But sometimes, many people prefer the mixer built in.
In the blade, it can be cleaned without having to take apart anything during cleaning. 7.
Other note, you should buy a mixer with a heavy base and a tight lid.
The heavy duty base is important because when the mixer runs at a very high speed, the vibration of its motor may cause the mixer to walk along the counter and scratch the counter surface.
Make sure that the mixer you see has a wide base of heavy metals to maintain stability. 8.
Reliable warranty smoothies the best mixer is produced for a long time and can be fixed as long as it is broken.
It is a common thing for a blender to have trouble.
So when you buy a blender, you have to make sure it has a warranty on the product and the parts that can be repaired.
So, you can fix your blender instead of throwing away your whole blender or looking for another one.
These are the most important things to consider when choosing the best mixer for smoothies.
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