a few tips to maintain the divine taste of wine?

by:Petolar     2020-09-24
It is not difficult to have a custom cellar at home.
The perfect storage environment for wines is easy.
Bottles must be stored at a humidity of not less than 70, temperature 52-
57 degrees Fahrenheit, at an undisturbed level, vibrates-
Free dark environment.
If a person is free to make a structural transformation, our personal preference is a location that can be easily accessed from the dining room or the living room.
Here are some tips for storing wine.
Temperature: The wine is well stored at temperatures up to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes even at several degrees high, but it will mature much faster.
The best wine cellar temperatures range from 42 degrees to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. The most important thing to store wine is: do not expose the bottle to huge temperature fluctuations: to prevent the storage of wine on the side of the cork from drying. If you store the wine in the refrigerator for a long time, the cork will dry the wine and do not like the extremely low humidity atmosphere: There are many types of wine racks available for sale, these wine racks will keep the wine in a proper storage location and prevent the bottle from breaking.
It is best to store the wine in the beautiful spiral wine cellar that looks luxurious.
Light: away from the bright light that destroys wine.
Use normal LED lights.
Adequate lighting helps to place bottles.
Some of the structure of the shelves and shelves is desirable.
It depends on whether it is a work cellar or a display cabinet.
This choice is very personal.
Hard wooden racks designed by designers are very expensive and can provide impressive displays.
In addition to the new apartment building, most of the new homes have modern cellar designs.
Here you can find some popular designs of the wine cellar.
Wine cellar with glass door: the size of the wine cellar may never be a topic
End your family discussion.
You should choose the most likely room you can dedicate to it.
Think about the number of bottles you want to keep.
However, do not store foods with strong smell.
Wine cellar made of brick: it is recommended to install wine cellar belowground option.
Digging a big hole outside or in the garden below your living room is a major architectural work.
This is not done accidentally.
However, the benefit under the spiral cellar is that the additional insulation provided by the surrounding and underground soil greatly reduces the cost of electricity to keep the cellar cold.
Underground cellar: The main drawback of underground cellar is water leakage.
It\'s not a problem if you\'re high but not completely eliminated.
Wine cellar made of wood: the insulation of the floor is mandatory if your wine cellar is on the upper floor.
Check the floor loading factor of the upper cellar.
No domestic apartments were built to bear a heavy burden.
Structural cracks are undesirable whether it\'s you or your neighbor.
Cover the insulating board with plywood to minimize damage.
Do not store wine in the refrigerator: cold storage is not appropriate for the standard of storage and aged wine.
It causes oxidation of the wine, and the cork shrinks.
Dry the cork.
You can find a wine cellar with a cooling device to control the temperature, but putting the refrigerator in the storage room is not good for your wine collection.
Store the wine on a cold cellar in the basement: if there is no or almost no fluctuation and the temperature is below 65 degrees and above 50 degrees, you may have easy-to-manage storage conditions.
Insulation in the basement is also helpful.
It is advisable to install a cooling device to maintain a constant temperature.
Bottom line: only qualified and efficient contractors are employed.
Now you know the facts and methods of storing wine.
If you are a few years old, you can use the cellar
Bottle of value
When it comes to storage, the safety of your wine should always be the top priority.
Being careless will damage your most precious wine.
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