after idlis, jaya now sells \'amma mineral water\'

by:Petolar     2020-07-11
To ensure the quality and price of drinking water for the poor and middle class is reasonable, the government of Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu will launch nine \"amma mineral water\" production units across the state, offering a bottle with a price increase of 10 rupees.
These units will be set up by the National Transport Corporation to provide one liter of mineral water at a price of Rs 10 per bottle, Chief Minister J. in a statement in Chennai, jayalithaa said ensuring safe water use and reducing the economic burden on the people to a certain extent.
The government\'s initiative is a boon to the people, especially after the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Commission closed 92 manufacturing units found to be operating without a license, the recent strike by the packaged drinking water company has put chenner in trouble.
Jayalalithaa, affectionately known as \"Amma\" by her party cadres, said that in the first phase, a production unit will be set up in the suburbs of gummidiphondi with a daily capacity of 3 liters lakh, the road transport company will purchase the necessary equipment.
Jayalithaa said water bottles will be available on buses on long routes, at the mofossil bus terminal and bus terminal in Chennai.
Transportation companies will sell one liter of bottled water for Rs 10, railway companies for Rs 15, and private companies for Rs 20, she said.
On the occasion of the birth anniversary of AIADMK legend and the late chief minister, C. N. Annadurai, on September 15, after the first unit was officially launched, nine more water production units will be set up in the state, she said.
The strike at more than 200 mineral water companies in Chennai has left residents thirsty because most families depend on these bubbles --
In addition to the supply of Chennai, there are top water tanks.
The price of a can of 20 liters of water, usually sold at Rs 25
30, in view of the huge demand, even rose to 80 rupees during the strike.
The mineral water initiative is the latest in a series of relatives
The AIADMK government has taken bad steps to provide relief to people struggling at rising prices.
These measures include \"amma canteen\" serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at subsidized prices and vending machines selling vegetables at subsidized prices.
Jayalithaa defended her supporters
Bad project, said her government had to take such a move because the center\'s \"wrong economic policy\" led to rising prices.
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