Artificial turf: The green, green grass of home

by:Petolar     2020-08-31
The grass on the other side of the street is always greener for a reason: it is synthetic.
But this is probably the only concession because it looks lush and green all year round.
The artificial lawn is a bit similar to the lawn installed on Rogers Center and other sports grounds in North America, and as a substitute for the yard, it is rapidly gaining popularity because it is durable, attractive and does not require weeding, fertilize, trim or water.
Take a closer look and you will be surprised to find not only how similar it is to what is real, but also how it feels.
80-said: \"I can\'t tell you the joy I get from my grass . \"year-
Joan waters, about 30foot by 30-
Last year, she installed foot stickers in her home.
\"I really like it.
\"Autumn limits her ability to act and the ability to putter in her beloved garden, and Waters finds it difficult to obtain reliable and affordable landscape services to take care of her yard.
\"It has brown spots and the raccoon is always digging it out,\" she said . \".
After her friend in North Toronto installed the artificial lawn, she had considered the artificial lawn, but thought it was too expensive.
When Dangdang\'s school removed the asphalt playground and installed a lawn football field, she glanced at it again.
\"I realized I couldn\'t afford not to install it, I really liked the back of it, I installed a small piece in front, I had a fake mountain stone and some landscaping, she said.
\"Why not, I suppose?
They did it in a day here.
As Waters says, lawn care is a hard job between pruning, weeding, fertilizing and watering, in some backyard, especially in some old places in Toronto, mature trees and buildings block the sun and the grass will never really grow properly.
Some of these yards are too small to justify the maintenance required.
When you add a deck and some flower beds, you end up with a 10 feet by 15 feet piece of grass that is hardly worth investing in mower, not to mention finding a place to store
Join the family dog and it\'s easy to understand why installers like Jerome Kells who designed the lawn (www. designturf. ca)
In Toronto, they are busier than ever, and they transform the lawn into a man-made one, including laying 5,000 square feet of lawn to help Wilcox Street. between St.
George and Huron.
Over the next year, the University of Toronto campus became a pedestrian street.
\"It\'s easier to take care of, you can clean up the debris and leaves and even vacuum it with a store vacuum cleaner,\" he said . \".
\"With a pet, anything else can be cleaned once you pick it up.
This product has more than 60 styles and colors, some imitating natural lawns, and some designed for bright and bold colors.
\"In particular, there are several kinds of grass that look like a combination of grass in Southern Ontario,\" says Heather Locke, a green plant in southwest Ontario (www.
Toro Topwin Greencom)
Headquartered in Burlington, turf is sold and installed for the game area, with green and courtyard placed.
\"It\'s also different in length, which makes it look like it was just cut or cut a few days ago.
\"Like many people in the industry, Keays started his business about ten years ago and invested in green.
As an avid golfer, he just wanted to buy a green one for his backyard and he liked it very much.
Soon, he received a call to replace the lawn with artificial lawns, and today his business was divided into two parts.
However, the installation is more than just laying 15-by 50-
Feet roll like carpets.
\"We dig, add sand, level and compress it,\" he said . \".
\"Then we install the turf and sew the turf where needed with the tar adhesive.
Then we DingTalk it down with these 6 inch DingTalk.
8 years is reasonable but will last 20 to 35 years.
Loch agrees: \"The most difficult thing is probably the UV rays in the sun, but in Ontario, it is usually covered with snow in the months of the year.
\"It\'s a little weird in winter when your grass is green in summer, but that\'s why,\" Keays said . \".
\"There is also a product on the market that stays cool when the sun is heated.
\"Depending on the area and the size of the selected product, the cost per square foot is about $8 to $16.
In fact, plant grass on the front foundation of the backyard garage
The town house was so upset with Cindy Stein that she gave up.
\"The soil is toxic and it costs too much to dig it out,\" said Stan, who installed 700 square feet of synthetic turf.
\"Our dog Gloria loves it too.
\"Cutting, laying and fixing, the lawn is safe for children, pets and animals like racoons because they don\'t dig the lawn to look for grugru, which is a big problem for the lawn.
\"It\'s great to be able to go out in socks right after spring or rain,\" she said . \" \"The kids love it because they can play and roll and not get dirty --
No grass stains even!
\"At first glance, the greener grass tore off a living plant and replaced it with a plastic look --a-
It doesn\'t sound like the greenest.
Homeowners can make friendly moves.
However, digging deeper and installing synthetic grass is not all bad for the environment.
Like carpets, almost all artificial lawns are produced in Dalton, Georgia, where it is home to the largest factory on the continent and they are taking green seriously.
These factories are producing products like synthetic turf, 100 of which are recyclable and made from recycled materials such as plastic pop and water bottles.
Although synthetic turf does not exchange oxygen with carbon dioxide as other photosynthetic plants do, it is water-permeable, which means that the melting of rain and snow will simply penetrate into the reservoir and will not overload the rainwater sewer.
Synthetic turf 100 safe to use in school playground, playground, apartment roof and other facilities, no problem.
It also does not need maintenance: So, there is no chemical (
They have been banned in Ontario)
Or fertilizer, no energy is used to ignite a gas mower to cut it, or trek back and forth to the garden shop to find pests or diseases that leave brown spots or other chaos on your lawn
The best thing is? No dandelions.
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