Battle of the supermarket bags

by:Petolar     2020-07-06
Reusable bags are the latest accessories for oil wellsdressed, eco-minded shopper.
Alternatives to these plastic grocery bags have been sold out in GTA\'s supermarket.
Consumers haven\'t painted the town green yet-they always forget to bring new bags to the store.
Shoppers in Ontario are estimated to use 7 million plastic bags a day.
The province is determined to halve this proportion within five years and to work with the large supermarket chains and the Ontario recycling commission to identify specific ways.
The plastic bag war is on several fronts around the world.
Last month, man, Leaf Rapids.
Become the first Canadian community to ban plastic bags, followed by the San Francisco leadership, which banned plastic bags from grocery stores and big pharmacies.
As early as 2002, Ireland decided to charge plastic bags to fight the \"plague\" of garbage \".
Reusable shopping bags are available in a variety of sizes, materials and designs.
Of course, find a strong one.
But how much a bag can hold is not as important as how much you can hold. (
The latter is usually less than the former, especially when dragging a few bags. )
It looks good and does not hurt.
You don\'t have to be a walking ad where you buy bags at the store.
You don\'t need to stick to the supermarket products displayed here.
Smaller businesses, such as kitchen tables, may sell the popular \"bring your own bag\" brand, which has 33 colors available to retailers.
Those beige old lady mesh bags have been refurbished and are now in attractive shades. (
The mesh bag is easy to tuck into the wallet, but small items can easily fall into the hole. )
Canvas tote gives shoppers the atmosphere of Mother Earth.
They are durable and usually cheap.
However, according to news reports, a version of designer Stella McCartney costs as much as $495 (U. S. ).
McCartney is not the only designer involved in green action.
A Hermes silk bag folded in a wallet
Small psoriasis bags for $960 (U. S. ).
Which bag should you use?
Any bag in any store. Don\'t be shy;
You can mix and match.
Just remember to send your car to the supermarket.
We will use ours.
Source: Highland Farm, Duffen Street. (
North of Finch Avenue. ). Price: 99¢.
Size: 113/4 by 133/4 by 83/4.
Eye appeal: Green, brand with stylized silhouette of farm, slogan, logo of supermarket and bag.
The reinforced strap is a good detail.
Details: have the equivalent of three plastic shopping bags. Made of \"non-
Woven \"Polypropylene (
A kind of plastic).
Wash your hands with cold water. Recyclable.
Added attractions: small internal pocket zipper cash or coupon.
There is a black plastic insert on the base.
Slogan: \"Thank you to Earth.
Source of the small black bag: loblas, Queens.
Price: 99 size: 12 by 131/2 by 71/2.
Attraction of the eyes: woven black, highlighted with a bottle of inspirational words of leaves and green.
No noticeable sign.
Details: carry the equivalent of two plastic shopping bags, or 10 kilograms (22 pounds).
Polyester Fiber made of 85% recycled plastic. (
Each bag is equivalent to two 2-
One liter plastic bottle)Recyclable. Hand wash.
New attractions: users can get credit rewards for PC banking or prepaid cards. Worn-
Bags that go out can be returned to the store for recycling.
Green plastic boxes are also available for $3. 99. No Frills(
Part of the Loblaws series)
Charge 5 cents per plastic bag and place cardboard cartons for packaged groceries.
The most eco-friendly shopping bag in Canada.
\"Some things can/must be done.
\"Source of the missing operation: Saint-DaomingClair Ave. (
West of Kille Street. ).
I\'m going to four supermarkets in fendo.
They sold out.
New shipments are expected this week.
Price: 99 size: 14 by 153/4 by 61/2.
Eye attraction: a beautiful blue color decorated with green leaves with a drop of water at the top.
There are six signs at the bottom.
Details: replace 3 plastic shopping bags for up to 22 kilos (50pounds).
Made of 100 recycled material, called wovenpolypropylene (
A kind of plastic). Recyclable.
Machine wash in warm water.
Added attractions: all the stores in the & P family have bins of discarded plastic bags, which are then recycled into other plastic bags.
The food infrastructure costs £ 5 per plastic bag and provides a plate box for groceries.
Slogan: \"help the Earth a bag at a time. Use this bag.
Help the environment.
\"Psychedelic product Source: SoBe restaurant in Queensway. Price: $1.
99, or $5.
The price will soon drop to 99 cents.
Size: 133/4 by 161/4 by 61/2.
Eye appeal: electric green with black spots. (
Look carefully and you will see kiwi slices. )
There are four store signs at the bottom.
Details: can accommodate up to 22 kilograms (50 pounds).
Made of 20 cents plastic. Machine-
Clean with gentle circulation. Recyclable.
Addedattraction: internal pockets on both sides;
Eggs are placed in bread or cartons.
If the bag is worn out, you can change a new one for free. Price Chopper (
Part of the Sobeys family)
Charge 5 cents per plastic bag and provide cartons for packing groceries.
Slogan: \"Green Bag for Life.
Source: Busan on The Great Road of Busan. (
North of Lawrence Avenue. ). Price: $5.
Size 99: 113/4 by 141/4 by 61/2.
EyeAppeal: it\'s black when it\'s black, and the quilting effect is.
Silver-lined insulation.
Prominent shop logo in white.
Zipper on top.
Details: can accommodate between 20 and 22 kilograms at least (45 to 50 poundsof groceries.
The \"Polyfabric\" bag is made of plastic and aluminum containing recycled materials, \"Temperature-
Reflective Insulation. Hand-
Hang by hand or lay flat to dry.
Or wipe inside and outside with a damp cloth.
It is not considered recyclable because the polyfabric, insulation and aluminum need to be separated and then recycled.
Added attractions: should keep the food cold or warm within three to four hours.
The bag was made in the past three years.
Slogan: \"meet all your shopping needs with your Pusateri bag and help keep our community clean!
\"Give peas a source of opportunity: Longo\'s at Bayview Ave. , Thornhill. Price: $1. 99 (
Sales started last week at $2. 99)
Size: 121/4 by 14 by 63/4.
EyeAppeal: a black \"wolf swallow\" bag with green beans in a pod is the first cute \"season bag \".
Future Design: crunch (carrot), splash(watermelon)and squeeze (lemon).
These sacks are replacing last year\'s eco-friendly bags. totes.
Details: it is equivalent to three plastic bags.
The jute is made of plant fibers.
The material is thick. Bags are bio-
Biodegradable and recycled.
Chiller wash, roll dry.
Added attractions: the package is made by an ecology
Friendly companies that promote fair trade.
Auxiliary food Gateway (
Part of the Dragon Family)
Carrying groceries in cartons;
These can be easily folded, stored, and then returned to the deliveryman at the next run.
Slogan: \"Long Ge\'s sacks are natural!
\"Hot and cold sources: the whole food market on large roads. (
South of Davenport Road. ). Price: $3.
99 yards: 123/4 by 16 by 7 inch.
Eye attraction: Eyes
A series of hot sun, snowflakes, store signs and guiding words pop up on a blue background.
Silver-lined insulation.
Zip on top of the box.
Details: hold more than 11 kilograms (25 pounds)of groceries.
The outside is \"non
\"Polystyrene (
A kind of plastic). Hand wash.
Or wipe the outside and inside with a wet sponge.
The outside is recyclable, but not the inside.
Addedattraction: food should be kept warm or cold for up to three hours.
The cashier offers paper bags or plastic bags, giving you a 10 cent discount for each bag you bring.
There is a large and regular non-insulated bag for $1.
99, but sold out last week.
Available also: $7 thin cotton/polyester \"hammock bag \".
For $8, 99, attractive canvas handbag.
99, both colors are different.
The store is pushing ahead with a package plan
Less day of the week
Slogan: \"Don\'t forget at home.
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