Best kitchen knives to buy now: from Japanese crafted investment to rust-proof bladed bargains

by:Petolar     2020-09-04
A good knife is essential in any kitchen.
Whether you\'re thinking of the best way to cut onions or do a great job in cooking techniques, a high quality knife is a must.
It is difficult to invest only one, but so far the chef\'s knife is the most versatile, so we start there.
Sadly, these decisions have not ended.
There are some reasonably priced stainless steel blades, but they need to be grinded regularly due to the fact that they are not very strong.
Or you can choose carbon steel, which tends to be stronger but rust faster, so it\'s a tough decision. Can\'t decide?
We have done the hard work for you and collected the best kitchen knives in the market below.
The most common kitchen knife is made of stainless steel, and when chromium is added to carbon steel, a durable \"pollution-free\" blade is created.
Stainless steel is more resistant to stains, damage and rust, but carbon steel is more sharp and sharp. High-
Carbon steel is stainless steel with Carbon added
The theory of the two is mixed and the results are different.
Finally, the ceramic knife: Some people think that the ceramic knife is the best kitchen knife, the ceramic knife is much longer to keep sharp, and the blade and handle are also lighter.
However, the ceramic knife will break down if you are not careful, so you can choose which one is the most suitable.
According to master kitchen knife, the best six products include henks, ustoff, Messermeister, Global, MAC and Shun Classic.
We include Wusthof and global options below, as well as Mercer, Zelite, chef\'s Road, Deglon, and thanlors.
There are a wide variety of kitchen knife brands to choose from, so it\'s always worth considering comments other than any suggestions.
This high carbon blade is tough and sharp, designed for sliced and chopped chicken to be stirred
Fried onion and cut-
Prepare your own curry.
When it comes to cutting vegetables, we all want it to be simple and quick --
Which one should this knife be because its finish is sharp and easyto-
Keep the design and finger gap below the handle to cross the piece faster.
The manufacturer of this smooth knife is very confident in its ability, and if you are not completely satisfied, they will return your money to you.
Described by the company as ruthless efficiency, these seven
Inch knife is a good quality choice. The top-
Performing high-carbon Three-knife combination
Stainless steel has the properties of sticking, rust and corrosion resistance, so the maintenance cost is very low.
Most importantly, this knife is very comfortable and can be held in a pinch, easy to use and with sufficient control.
If you are a knife master, you will like the fact that it is full of soup, that is, it is very powerful.
These 8 stained and rusted knives will be the past
Inch stainless steel option as it is continuous.
Because Mercer is a highly respected name in the world of Europe.
More than 90 culinary colleges in North America provide equipment
For a good tool in the kitchen, they know one or two things, which shows a lot.
This is a nice blade for any kitchen, especially those that love cooking as it is a great whole
A player who won\'t make you penniless.
Although the price is high, it is a good choice.
The carbon knife is best to take a little edge from the pencil sharpener.
The classic Wusthof has gone from high-
The knife is strong and made of carbon steel.
This is a bit more expensive than the price below £ 100, but designed by a brand that was founded more than 200 years ago and they know what they are.
Wusthof is committed to sustainability and environmental awareness, so while they are known for their knives, they will not let huge production needs change their attitude towards the environment.
This helicopter is only 10 cm long and is a small helicopter that is convenient for daily use.
For those who like to cook and cook regularly but don\'t need expensive big knives, this is easy to store and is ideal.
Sabatier is known for its quality, and the knife was made in one of the original factories that started with this reputation.
Other punters also disagree with what we think about the quality of Sabatier, from \"this is Sabatier, there is no need to say anything else\" to \"no other brands will be used now\"
They have always been strong, reliable and easy to grind \".
At this cheap price you will get a lower specification knife made of stainless steel.
However, it is reported that the blade has an easy-to-sharp tip, the dishwasher is safe, and there is a practical guard at the time of chopping to protect the safety of the fingers.
The handle is also molded for use.
But with this blade, it\'s mainly about the design.
A fun purple handle and a unique rainbow blade that will illuminate any kitchen.
It\'s expensive, and it knows.
This knife is made by professional Japanese craftsmen and is very balanced.
All of this is a sand-weighted hollowing handle.
Its seamless construction makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic
An important factor to consider when choosing something that is in direct contact with food.
You pay for the craft here as well as the size of the blade, so this is not a necessary option for less skilled chefs.
While it\'s stainless steel, it\'s harder to mix than your average.
It should have a sharp frontier.
Especially at this price.
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