bulldog puppy has epic battle with water bottle

by:Petolar     2020-07-09
This is a classic story about a puppy whose barking is definitely worse than what it bites.
In a new viral video, an 8-week-
An old bulldog named Humphrey is trying to deal with his biggest enemy so far.
A plastic water bottle.
The little guy took out his best moves to challenge his new dead enemies, including ruthless barking and sneak attacks.
Alas, Humphrey didn\'t finally beat the water bottle, but he got a lot of positive comments from YouTube users.
Dean Thomas wrote, \"I reported this to youtube for being too cute.
Oscar Hildebrand commented, \"cute for 36 seconds! ! !
But perhaps the best of their comments came from the water bottle maker Cool Ridge: \"hydration is not terrible for puppy friends.
Hope this is just a stage of your growth. Cool Ridge HQ.
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