Classes to begin soon, school expenses soar through the roof

by:Petolar     2020-08-29
Raise fees, expensive textbooks, schoolbags, water bottles, and put parents in it.
This Sunday will be a painful Sunday.
This is a sweet Sunday for primary school students.
Because, at that time of the year, when the school reopened on Monday, they tried to get rid of their summer vacation habits and resume their disciplined life.
Of course, it is more bitter than sweet for parents.
In addition to being nervous about incomplete assignments, projects and exams, there are other pressing issues.
Parents are troubled by the supplementary cost of buying a school
Related accessories, books, notebooks, water bottles, uniforms and payment-
Excuse their monthly budget!
This is not all.
When parents start looking for school uniforms, books and schoolbags --
Water bottles and favorite cartoon characters such as Spider-Man, Chhota Bhim, Barbee and Hannah Montana-
They are facing some bad news.
Such accessories have become very expensive. Yes, by 66. 67 per cent.
For example, schoolbags that cost rs50 to rs50 last year now cost Rs400 to rs500.
Similarly, the number of textbooks spent on Rs100 increased by 25 last year and the amount spent on rs125.
Depending on the school, the water bottle and Compass Box became more expensive Rs50 to Rs75, and the school uniform became more expensive.
\"Even for a child in a school, parents have to set aside a separate budget.
Moreover, for families with two or more children, it is difficult to pay due to the doubling of the budget.
This year, we are facing a huge problem because even Class III students are up by Rs 2,000 --
5,000, \"said Manish Thakkar, a parent of a professional stockbroker.
\"The cost does not stop at the cost.
\"Children need brand schoolbags, lunch boxes, pencil boxes and even shoes every year, and the price has risen by at least Rs 50 to Rs 10,\" Thakkar added . \".
\"Book prices have risen nearly 25 this year.
Due to the increase in printing costs, prices have risen, and expensive paper and transportation have also become expensive, \"said Atul Shah, the owner of a Gandhi Road store known for its textbooks.
However, a seller who wrote the books claimed that the business of the books had dropped by nearly 90.
He believes that this may be due to the popularity of the community buying goods wholesale at a reasonable price.
This is not only a difficult time for children and parents, but also for school authorities.
Sapna Mehta, a teacher at Nirman High School, said they had started finalizing schedules and other activities for upcoming courses.
But the students don\'t seem to care that much.
They were very excited when they got back to school.
Khushi Shah, a student in class 9, said: \"I am so excited about the re-opening of the school.
After a month gap, I want to see my school teachers and friends again.
I want to tell my friends what I did during the holidays.
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