Cristiano Ronaldo plays down injury fears ahead of Champions League final

by:Petolar     2020-09-08
Before Real Madrid\'s Champions League final against Atletico Madrid on Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo has played down concerns about his health. The three-
The winner of the time Golden Globes was forced to leave Real Madrid\'s training course on Tuesday as part of the media open day after he competed with reserve goalkeeper Chico Cassila for a ball
Several medical staff in Real Madrid helped the star striker get up from the floor and the Portuguese international was able to hobble on the pitch without help.
Ronaldo left the training session while the training was still going on and when he went to the dressing room someone saw him throw away a water bottle angrily.
But after the training session, Ronaldo insisted that his limp was only the result of a dead leg. \"I am fine.
As they said here, I had a little problem with training, a dead leg, but I\'ll be fine tomorrow [Wednesday] or the next day.
\"It was a small panic, a knock on the door,\" he said . \".
Ronaldo is at half-time.
Ten days ago, Real Madrid played in La Coruna in the final game of the La Liga, scoring two goals in the first half, raising the number of goals this season to 51 points.
Then, before this weekend\'s showdown with city rival Atletico Madrid at San Siro in Milan, he played an exercise game on Saturday.
Prior to the recent injury scare, coach Zidane said Ronaldo would play in the Champions League final despite the ongoing thigh problems.
Ronaldo also thinks his condition is better than before Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 4 two years ago.
After spending a little more time in Lisbon
\"I believe I am in a better state,\" he said . \".
\"I have a small problem, but it is normal because I am the most used player in the team.
\"I think this is the season I play the most.
In addition to the problem of training today, I believe I have reached the best level.
\"Real Madrid have no defender Rafael Varan for the final due to thigh problems.
\"The only major drawback is that this is really very serious,\" Zidane said . \".
\"He\'s not here on Saturday now.
He may not be ready in two or three weeks.
It\'s not as serious as we thought.
He will travel, but he will not play on Saturday.
\"I hope he can play the European Championship about the draw.
It was a blow to him and I was worried about him.
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