Discovery Cove named \'best amusement park\' by TripAdvisor

by:Petolar     2020-07-02
In the process of finding the best amusement park in the world, people say-
It seems that people like to mix up with creatures that eat a lot of fish.
Travel review website TripAdvisor has released a new ranking of the world\'s best entertainment and water parks, with winners in both categories having marine life attractions.
Discovery Cove is a huge Aquatic Complex in Orlando, Florida, where visitors can swim with dolphins and snorkel with tropical fish in Orlando.
At the same time, Siam Park is unlikelysounding Thai-
The theme venue on the Spanish island of Tenerife is named the best water park with an active group of sea lions.
The result of the TripAdvisor Traveler Choice Award is based on data collected from reviews over the past 12 months.
Orlando did a good job. -
Five of the world\'s top 10, including three popular films from the Disney empire.
Europa Park in Germany ranks second with its whimsical European fairy tale background and thrilling rides, while Universal Adventure Island in Orlando ranks third.
Disney and Orlando have also proved a close connection between the water park and Florida destinations, occupying two of the top 10 ---
The third-ranked Disney Blizzard Beach and the fourth-ranked Typhoon Lagoon.
In Brazil, Aquiraz\'s Beach Park ranks second in the water park category, while Dubai occupies two of the top 10 ---
Wild Wadi Water Park and water park.
World\'s Top Amusement Park 1
Orlando Discovery Bay, Florida
European park, Rust, Germany.
Universal Adventure Island, Orlando, Florida.
Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.
Hollywood studios Disney, Orlando, Florida.
Bikalero world, Benha, Brazil 7
Disneyland Anaheim, California 8.
Universal Studios Singapore Sentosa Island.
Portura Park in Salo, Spain.
Orlando Disney Animal Kingdom, the world\'s top water park in Florida.
Siam Park, spje, spain2.
Beach Park, aquilaz, Brazil.
Orlando, Florida, Disney, Blizzard Beach Water Park.
Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in Orlando, Florida.
Bali, Kuta, Indonesia.
Dubai Wild Wadi Water Park 7
Hot Park, Rio Kunte, Brazil.
Dubai Water Park, Dubai, UAE.
Orlando water in Florida.
Head to TripAdvisor to see the full rankings of waterparks in Atlanta, Paradise Island, and the Bahamas. com.
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