diy 0$ bike bottle & bottle holder

by:Petolar     2020-11-02
First of all, you should measure the distance between the holes on the bike frame.
Fold a small part of one side of the base at a 90 degree angle.
It will help in the future.
Mark the position of the future hole on the base.
Drill holes.
Unfortunately, some photos were lost.
I apologize in advance.
Fix the base on the bike frame.
The curved edge should be down.
You then need to put the bottle on the base and imagine that the shape of the bottle holder is better.
I suggest you search for various shapes on Google.
It must fit your bottle.
Take a soft metal wire and make a template on the side of the bottle holder.
Then copy with strong lines.
Follow the same steps to the bottom.
Weld each result part a bit to fix the position of the bottom.
Finally welding. (
Better welding)
Take a piece of sandpaper and polish the wires and solder.
Try putting the bottle in your bottle rack.
The bottle holder must fit the bottle tightly and hold it firmly.
Check the durability of the bottle holder.
It\'s almost done now. Time to paint.
Before painting, I took a piece of plywood about 300x40mm and screwed the bottle holder on it.
Very comfortable to draw.
I made about 4 layers of paint.
After the paint is completely dry, install the bottle holder on the bike frame.
This is the easiest step.
Just swap the bottle cap for the bottle :)
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