diy electric heated water bottle(usb)

by:Petolar     2020-07-15
So far, there is no such thing in the world, and I wonder why humans have not done something similar for themselves.
This is one of my simplest projects, even if it fits the list of my most useful items. for an in-
For a deep view of the production process please check out the full video TUTORIALIn winters and I prefer warm water as it is good for my health and even helps to maintain overall immunity.
In addition, warm water can help you reduce excess fat.
Now we get warm water for drinking purposes, which is very beneficial, but heating it is still a hassle.
The risk of overheating is always theirs, even pouring here and there, which makes the task inconvenient.
The water heating kettle is not portable and requires a high power socket that is not always convenient.
Also, you can\'t warm up on a trip or in the wild.
Thermos bottles may bring solutions, but they can\'t keep your water at temperatures above 12 hours.
Usb transfer of 30swg copper wire 2.
1mm power plug cableway 2.
1mm power plug jackinsulated water bottlehot glue gunheat shrink basic tools and measuring kettle for good insulation liner.
Do not use vacuum flask.
Hammer the bottom down, or try to open the outer plastic housing of the bottle so that the insulation can come into contact.
With the help of a tool knife, the insulation material was scraped off.
Peel it off (
Best in good condition).
Cut a 30 swg copper wire with a length of 5 m because the resistance of the 30 swg copper wire per 2 m is 1 ohm.
We need about (2. 5-4 ohm)
This will be revealed later in the calculation.
Now, cover it with the help of a hot glue gun, after heating the end of the copper wire, put the insulation back in place, rub all the insulation with fine sand sandpaper, connect it to the power plug
Polarity is OK)
Weld them together and seal them with some heat shrink tubes.
With the help of a heat knife, simply cut the outer plastic body of the bottle and make room for the jack.
Slide the body back into place.
Seal any remaining air gaps.
Fix the jack with hot glue
Use some kind of portable 5 V power supply (power bank)
Or some phone chargers (USB)
Plug it in and warm up your drink.
I did all the calculations at hand, so if your needs are different and you don\'t have to do that, then choose different wires or different lengths of wires, even if the battery is added in series, it will also increase before using the device.
Voltage = 5 in my case. 14 Vcurrent=1.
40 resistance = 3.
5 ohmpower output = voltage X current = 7.
WattsI has done all the tests so you don\'t have to do that.
After a few hours of testing, the results are in front of you.
Congrats you for making IThe like it so much and is surprised to know that such an awesome device has not existed so far.
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