drinking water is not mineral water.

by:Petolar     2020-09-11
This article tells the difference between drinking water and mineral water.
It shows the difference between artificial mineral water and natural water.
Drinking water is not mineral water.
What is the difference between mineral water and ordinary drinking water?
Why is this water so different?
Natural Mineral Water is definitely different from ordinary drinking water.
Everyone in the world
The famous mineral water manufacturer has a long history of its own, and has printed a certificate of purity on every bottle for many years.
The manufacturer\'s goal is to keep the purity of the original water unchanged when bottling.
Drinking water manufacturers insist on different ideologies.
First, they value the artificial purity of water.
In order to achieve this goal, they re-purify the water and sometimes make the water distilled.
Then add some salt.
Consumers become more confused due to terms more relevant to mineral water.
You can guess that once the tap water is cleaned, filtered and softened by chlorine, you can try to sort it out.
It\'s like cleaning it through kitchen filters on an industrial scale.
Drinking water manufacturers are very jealous of the success of mineral water brands with medicinal value.
They have been trying to impress their products in medicine, nature, and ecological purity.
Mineral salts in drinking water do not always get along well physically.
Any student who performs well in a chemistry course can calculate the dose of calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate.
For example, by means of a technique that imitates its natural formation, materials are made by filtering water with carbon dioxide from marble and limestone.
It can then be rich in White Cloud limestone, magnesium and calcium like natural water.
The content of chlorine and sodium will be significantly reduced.
There have been several attempts in the world to stop the production of this water, but it has not been successful due to low production costs.
In addition, experts have different views on the water purification process.
At the same time as purifying any toxic substance and various salts, water can also obtain some harmful properties.
This is what happens in artificial situations, where carcinogens are produced in the water after odor oxidation.
The basic differences between drinking and minerals are as follows: natural spring water or drilling, there is no external effect on the chemical and physical properties of water · residues containing a certain amount of minerals and other substances and ingredients in the water are collected under the condition of ensuring the purity and stability of the original microorganisms of their components water. The society of any civilized country regards mineral water as a sacred object created by nature itself.
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