easy tie dye instructions

by:Petolar     2020-10-15
Making tie-
Dyed shirts are creative activities that people of all ages like.
You can show your imagination and customize your clothes. Some tie-
The design of the dyeing may seem complicated, but the process of making them is very simple.
You can use a combination of one technique or several techniques in your design. Build a tiedyed T-
A shirt made of 100% cotton.
Wash the shirt and dry it before you start your project.
Not only does this ensure that the dress is clean, it also allows the shirt to be reduced to the right size.
You need to buy fabric dyes that are available at craft stores and at many regular retailers.
Prepare the dye according to the instructions on the box.
If you are going to use a dye of two or more colors, you need to put it in the spray bottle.
Other essential items include rubber bands and rubber gloves (
Keep your hands clean)
And plastic wrap or large plastic bags that can be re-sealed.
Spread your shirt on a flat surface.
Pinch the middle part of the shirt and start tightening it until you have the spiral of the desired size.
Don\'t take the shirt off the table.
Bundle the rest of the shirt around the spiral area you just created and fix it with two rubber bands. Lay your T-
The shirt is flat on the surface of your work and holds where you want the circle.
You can create a large circle in the middle, create a few small circles at the bottom of the shirt, or any design that you feel looks the best.
Pull the fabric to you.
The fabric will produce a large circle, and the fabric will produce a small circle.
Fix this circle with rubber bands.
To make horizontal stripes, roll up the shirt from sleeve to sleeve.
If you want the result to stain wrinkles, twist the shirt as you roll.
You can also fold it a few times
Then take a rubber band and wrap it around the tube you created.
Add any number of rubber bands to make stripes-
The more rubber bands, the more stripes.
Adjust the rubber band to the desired position.
Apply the dye to the shirt with a spray pot.
Pay close attention to where you cut your shirt with rubber bands.
You can spray the dye at will on your shirt or try to make the pattern.
Make sure the shirt is soaked with dye.
Place the shirt in a plastic bag that can be re-sealed, or wrap it in plastic wrap.
Let it sit all night so the dye can set.
Remove the rubber band after at least 8 hours.
Then rinse the shirt under cold tap water until the water is clear.
Wash the shirt and dry it before wearing it.
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