Easy to Wash Water Bottle

by:Petolar     2020-09-10
Have you ever washed the water bottle in the hope that you can put your hand in and wash it better?
Or hope the bottle brush can reach the corner of the bottle?
Or just hope the water bottle is cleaner?
Don\'t be afraid anymore.
If you need a water bottle that is both drinkable and easy to clean, we have solved your problem.
Water bottles that are easy to clean ensure they are cleaned every time.
There is no longer gunk at the bottom and corner of the bottle.
This bottle is the top where two water bottles are placed together.
Water bottles that are easy to clean can do everything you do with your regular water bottles. 1.
Two water bottles with the same width and flat top.
Tape and sharpie3.
Silicone caulking 4. Caulking gun5.
Use a saw measuring tape6.
Propane torch with lighter 7
Safety glasses 8. Gloves9.
First, tear off two pieces of tape and label the Bottle: The first bottle and the second bottle.
This helps people distinguish which bottle will get shorter.
First, cut a bottle 3 inch from the bottom.
Then cut two 3 inch bottles from the bottom.
It doesn\'t matter if you want to cut one of them short.
Be sure to bottle two into one bottle.
Now make sure the two bottles are put in one.
Bypass the second bottle with a propane torch.
Make sure the plastic is bent enough to put the end of the plastic into the first bottle.
You can also turn two bottles into one, but we find it easier to turn two bottles into one once the plastic is soft.
Now go back to the saw and cut the creases in the bottle to square.
This is to make it easier to put the end of the second bottle into the first bottle.
Now put one more bottle into two bottles to make sure they are combined without creases.
If there are creases, you need to slide the bottle out of the bottle or two, or cut more.
Then put the silicone caulking tube into the caulking gun, put a thin layer of caulking agent on the outside of the two bottles close to the two bottles and one bottle, put the bottle together, put a place where the first and second bottles meet, with a very light filling on the edge of the first and second bottles.
Wait an hour to dry the cauldron.
Now, to make the seams less noticeable, take a rubber band and place it around the seams made of glue.
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