Emilia Clarke clutches a hot water bottle as she braves the London chill while filming for her movie Last Christmas

by:Petolar     2020-09-15
Last Christmas, she was busy shooting scenes for the upcoming movie.
Emilia Clark apparently felt the cold as he continued filming for London\'s comedy romance on Thursday night.
The 32-year-old former Game of Thrones star was seen outside the bar, wearing a leopard print coat and a pink scarf, desperately keeping warm with a thermos.
When she cut a very stylish figure, Emilia was apparently frozen when she grabbed the hot water bottle close to her chest.
Her statement the animal print coat was co-operated on a floral print mididress.
Emilia\'s height was lifted by a pair of lace-
The upper block of high heels adds a slight touch of rubbish.
She showed off a gorgeous coat.
Added her short locks with blonde hair.
The main character of the film is a girl named Kate. The film is based on the capital and revolves around holiday romance.
She will be playing alongside the crazy Asian rich star Henry gulding, who plays her love interest Tom.
Last Christmas, Emilia played Kate as a elf during the year.
Around the Christmas store, it was easy for her to make the wrong decision, her relationship with Tom (Golding), and she met a man who looked \"too good to be true \".
It\'s a busy time for Emma, who is also currently filming her new drama \"years\" in Manchester.
Emma will play an attractive celebrity. turned-
The politicians in the upcoming BBC and hbo TV series are from Dr. Russell T. Davies.
The story tells the story of a British family, Lyon, who has experienced 15 years of political turmoil, technological progress and a changing economy since 2019.
Rory ginnier, Russell Tovey and Jessica Hynes are also stars.
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