Flipping out! Video shows young girl\'s awesome reaction when she nails a water bottle flip on her second try

by:Petolar     2020-09-15
A lovely young man responded in awe after successfully flipping the water bottle.
Mark channel\'s Matt Rogers posted on Facebook Friday a video of his daughter Sam completing the feat. The curly-
At first, the young man with green hair threw the plastic bottle into the air, but it did not stand straight.
However, Sam threw the bottle away the second attempt and nailed the trick.
The children around her cheered, and Sam opened his mouth and threw her arms into the air with a joyful expression.
Can hear Rogers.
The camera was cheering too, shouting \"Yeah! You did it! Bottle flip!
He then asked Sam to take a pat before she took quick action. \'Boom yeah! Shouted Rogers.
The video was viewed 12 million times on Facebook.
Rogers posted a video of his daughter on Facebook on Wednesday, writing: \"Well, I used to be called\" Matt Rogers \".
\"I think now I\'m called\" baby bottle flip \"dad.
# InstaSam # babybottle flip.
The video does not show where Sam turned over the water bottle.
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