Football fan is arrested for urinating in opposition goalkeeper\'s water bottle and throwing it back to him

by:Petolar     2020-06-24
A football fan was arrested on charges of urinating in the goalkeeper\'s water bottle and throwing the water bottle back to the court.
The man, who is considered a supporter of Fort mi, was arrested yesterday afternoon after an EFL tournament with QPR on Shepherd Bush Loftus Road.
He was accused of committing suicide in the water bottle of goalkeeper Alex Smith.
A video about the incident appeared on social media, and fans described it as seeing a woman hand the bottle to the man, then he urinated in the bottle and threw the bottle back to the court.
Others also claim they witnessed 27-year-
The old breeder urinated in the bottle and drank from the bottle.
Cleveland police full-time football official said on Twitter: \"I was asked by some followers to confirm that the so-called @ Boro fan who urinated in the @ QPRFC goalkeeper bottle was arrested by a colleague of @ MPSFootballUnit, I will do it. I can only let him play Boro again.
Metropolitan Police said a man accused of throwing an item on the court would face a court trial.
The team\'s football team wrote on Twitter: \"After investigation, MPSFootballUnit can confirm that men arrested yesterday in the @ QPRFC v @ Boro game were charged with throwing items at the stadium
\"The man has been released on bail and will appear in court next month.
Many fans have expressed their feelings about the incident on Twitter. @Craig-
Honey said, \"idiot.
Embarrassing yourself and the club.
@ Paulbrace66 added: \"It\'s not good to laugh at all.
Hope they\'re banned.
@ Tiernagekicks said: \"It\'s crazy, isn\'t it, someone laughs, kind of like a lad, but there\'s p * g in the man\'s bottle ? \"?
Hurry up. it\'s awkward.
Paul smart4 added: \"dirty little idiot.
\"Last month, a Sunderland fan was thought to have been expelled from the Stadium of Light after being in a big seat-although the police later said he was just drunk.
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