Francey: South American snowboard trip. What\'s in the bag?

by:Petolar     2020-06-26
It\'s always exciting to pack your bags for skiing and snowboard trips to South America.
In addition to the obvious items needed for great trips like skis and jackets, here are some other things you want to make your trip better.
I put all these things in Li, and I will definitely use them.
The high altitude of the Andes mountains can be dangerous for your skin and lips.
Packing some high SPF natural products is the key to making sure you don\'t get marginalized because of lobster face.
Bring some good lipstick and your lips will be good too, you will taste all the red wine in apres --ski.
Product Source: you can\'t see the skis when you can\'t see them. It’s that easy.
The perimeter range of these wide frame goggles is amazing, and the lenses will keep your eyeballs shaded so that the high-altitude sun in South America doesn\'t fry your eyes like a tuna steak.
The same is true for super easy swap lenses.
The frameless technology is also perfect for helmets.
Product Source: all gear organization for electric EGXKeep!
All the little things that look lost in their luggage need a little place of their own.
Not to mention the extra case for goggles and sunglasses.
The more you walk around, the more you need to keep all your gear clean and tidy.
A good adventurer needs a knife.
You never know what you need it to do.
A variety of tools are also needed for a mountain vacation.
These two products here cover all of them.
Not to mention, in any case, anyone who has a bottle opener when needed will become a \"hero \".
Product Source: lethermanit is powder day, so don\'t blow it because there is no alarm clock on the watch.
Don\'t miss the train.
Catch the bus up the mountain, even if you are in the powder heaven of summer, don\'t forget what day it is today.
Source: The water in Chile, South America can be drunk from the tap.
There is a serious plastic problem in this country.
Don\'t add the problem.
The stunning stainless steel design is easy to clean and features an insulating model.
Some tea on the mountain, on the top of the mountain is the giving of life.
Product Source: Klean KanteenIt is from South America and sometimes you don\'t know where you will end up.
Prepare for the sofa, futon and floor with this cool compact sleeping bag.
It comes with Burton Snowboard graphics that keep you excited when you dream on the mountain the next day.
Product Source: communication is the key in Dashan.
While mobile phones work well in most parts of South America, nothing is better than a radio.
These awesome units are easy to use with multiple channels and easy collar clips to prevent you from using them with your pocket open.
Oh . . . . . . There is no monthly fee for the radio.
Product Model: BCA BackcountryYes. underwear.
Fresh lingerie becomes one of the most amazing items in your mountain suit.
I\'m sorry, ladies. these are just for men.
Male-specific sports support is designed to keep all of you in one place, at the top of the game.
Also very fashionable.
Product by: 2 UNDR.
Everyone needs headphones.
Those long bus music, keep in touch with friends in the weather you can\'t ski and watch movies at night.
If you really want to rock on the road, these headphones even have a bass booster built in.
Source: The most important piece of SkullCandyOne travel equipment.
A nice set of shades is essential for mountains and styling and keeping the mountain cool.
I usually like mountain sports and urban street style.
Source: francicspencer Francey is looking for snow throughout North and South America.
From Banff, he will give you an internal observation of the year-round winter life from Lake Louise to Fireland Island.
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