glass bottles could be worse for the environment than plastic, coca cola warns

by:Petolar     2020-09-24
The world\'s largest beverage manufacturer has warned that the impact of glass beverage bottles on the environment may be worse than plastic because of the UK\'s-
Glass bottles for sale are more plastic-driven.
Coca-Cola said that the distribution of glass bottles has increased in the past year, and more people believe that glass bottles are fashionable and more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles.
But despite this common view, a spokesman for Coca-Cola warned that the damage to the environment of glass may not be smaller than that of plastic, because the glass is heavier and therefore the carbon footprint is much larger.
Carbon dioxide is one of the gases scientists find behind global warming.
He added that all packaging materials are 100 recyclable, so all of them can be recycled whether consumers choose to buy plastic bottles, cans or glass.
Previously, major British supermarkets and food manufacturers promised to eliminate unnecessary single foods.
Under a new \"UK plastic agreement\", plastics will be used by 2025.
At the same time, major supermarkets have launched a bottle deposit plan in which consumers can exchange cash or cash
Store vouchers for their empty plastic bottles.
As consumers often put plastic bottles in bins instead of recycling them, there is growing concern that plastic bottles will eventually disappear in the ocean and rivers.
Coca-Cola said sales of glass bottles common in restaurants and bars rose sharply after the supermarket launched a new multi-pack mini glass bottle.
A Coca-Cola spokesman added: \"Glass is much heavier than plastic and has a larger carbon footprint.
All of our packaging materials are 100 recyclable, so all of them can be recycled whether you choose to buy plastic bottles, cans or glass.
\"We offer drinks in various packaging forms, including plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans.
All the packaging materials we use are 100 recyclable.
Glass bottles continue to be welcomed by consumers, with sales increasing year on year.
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