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by:Petolar     2020-09-05
The Bombay high court said on Thursday that a panel\'s proposal to reduce the weight of the bag could not be carried to such an extreme extent that students were not allowed to carry water bottles.
The court asked the government not to take action against schools where children continue to carry water bottles.
In the trial of public interest litigation, Judge Abhay Oka and Judge Prakash Naik looked closely at compliance with two government resolutions by some schools in Mumbai (GRs)
Implementation of these proposals.
It states that children are not allowed to bring water bottles to school after arrangements have been made for filtered water.
The judges say parents\' anxiety about water safety is understandable.
\"The implementation process should not include the weight of the water bottle,\" Judge Oka said . \".
The judge said that due to serious difficulties in the actual implementation of the recommendation, a reasonable approach was needed.
Considering a suggestion that the school keeps certain books, the judge said they may not have the space needed.
\"Is the Assisted School capable of purchasing lockers?
Judge Oka asked.
The judges said the implementation should not \"result in damage to the students and a conflict between school management and parents \".
Earlier, the government\'s defense lawyer, Poornima Katharia, told the court that a mechanism had been put in place to ensure the implementation of these proposals.
She said the Ministry of Education has instructed officials to visit schools and determine compliance.
The judges said they were satisfied with this and said they would have to continue their visit.
In July 27, they wanted a chart of information collection compliance for June and July.
The judge stated that the implementation had to be carried out in stages and that it was not expected that the school would implement all the proposals overnight.
The judge concluded that while GRs must be strictly observed, at least temporarily, government officials \"should not insist\" that children do not bring bottles.
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