ideas for recycling and reusing glass bottles and jars

by:Petolar     2020-09-22
There are many ways to recycle glass bottles and jars with an overview of recycling glass bottles and jars without being sent to the recycling center.
In most cases, glass containers can be used for cleaning and reuse for other purposes.
When you\'re shopping at a grocery store, be sure to buy products with attractive and decorative glass containers.
If you plan to clean and reuse glass containers in advance, you are not just recycling;
You are also riding a bike.
Recycling a glass bottle or jar can save enough energy to light up a 100 watt bulb for up to 4 hours.
Therefore, it is absolutely worthwhile to recycle bottles and jars.
Recycling glass cans to store dry goods if you tend to buy food in bulk from a health food store, it\'s not a good idea to put it in the original plastic bag.
On the other hand, glass containers are ideal for protecting bulk food.
Spaghetti jars are usually the best choice.
To start recycling, you need a bottle brush, some soap, rubbing alcohol and natural citrus --based cleaner.
First, rinse the jar clean.
Fill it with water and add some soap.
Then scrub in the glass jar with the large end of the bottle brush.
Remove any stubborn food with a small end of the bottle brush.
Wet the label of the recycled glass jar with water and remove it as carefully as possible using blunt tools such as a screwdriver.
Then wet the jar label with alcohol.
Continue to gently remove the label from the jar with the tool.
Then spray some sticky material on the rest of the adhesive.
Let it sit for a few minutes.
Then rub the adhesive on the glass jar with a clean white cloth.
Wash the glass jar thoroughly with soap and water and make it dry.
If the glass jar has a decorative lid, your recycling is over.
If not, just paint with a little craft.
Then draw the name of any product you plan to put into it.
Finish it with polyurethane varnish.
You can also use the white adhesive label to mark the contents of the glass storage tank.
Recycling glass bottles for art and craft projects can be a bit tricky as they are hard to clean.
Usually, the mouth of the recycling bottle is quite slender and it is difficult to put the cleaning appliance inside.
However, your trusted bottle brush can also help here.
Fill the glass bottle with water and a little soap.
Then put the small end of the bottle brush in and scrub it well.
As mentioned above, remove the label from the glass bottle with alcohol and viscous substances.
Wash and dry the recycled bottles thoroughly.
The best recycled bottles are decorative bottles with colored glass, such as wine and vinegar bottles.
You can recycle glass bottles and make recycled crafts such as vases and candle holders.
Using paper mache is a creative way to make your glass bottle look more creative and attractive.
More than $3 recycled glass spice JarsIt can be heartbreaking.
00 on a can of spices, only to find that the same amount of the same spices can be purchased in batches in just a few cents.
However, the glass jars that these expensive spices come in are ideal for recycling.
Wash the jar using the small end of the bottle brush and remove the label.
Once the adhesive is removed from the recycled glass incense tank, use a tape measure to measure the area where the label used to be.
Use this to measure the size of the new label.
In most glass incense cans, this will be around 1/2 by 2 inch.
Use a ruler to measure these dimensions on a white adhesive label.
Draw the name of the new spice with a colored pencil or marker on the new label.
Draw pictures of spices or add decorations if you like.
Then simply cut off the new label and carefully align it to the front of the spice can.
This is a very good way to store spices and you can grind or mix from scratch.
Using these tips for recycling glass bottles and jars will make your home a greener and more beautiful place to live.
It can also save money and give you a creative channel to express your unique personality.
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