instructions for tie dye butterfly designs

by:Petolar     2020-10-14
Tie dyeing is the process of tying the material together so that certain parts of the material are not dyed and then the remaining material is dyed into various colors.
In tie dyeing, the whole garment can be dyed or a specific pattern can be made on the material.
It usually takes some time to develop tie dyeing techniques.
The butterfly pattern is a popular tie dye shape that can be found in t-
Shirts, bags, even bed covers.
Making Tie-dye butterflies is a craft in which parents and children can work and learn together easily at home.
Wash and dry, and the material you will tie to death to remove any dirt or chemicals that may affect the death process.
Lay the material on a flat surface.
Outline your butterfly on the material.
Draw the shape of the butterfly gently on the material with a pencil.
Don\'t forget to paint in the body of a butterfly.
Place about every 2 inch dots in the entire pattern with a pencil.
First make a point inside the outline of the wings and then enter the body.
Then do the body of the butterfly.
Squeeze the material at each point and tighten the material.
Wrap the rubber band around the twisted material.
The amount of rubber bands you use will depend on how much color you want each twisted part of the butterfly to have and how much material you use at each point.
If you do not want to use rubber bands, wrap the twisted material with a rope.
Buy the tie dye color in the suit.
These are available in arts and crafts stores and are pre-
Mix so you don\'t have to worry about mixing chemicals.
Also, different from the store
I bought fabric dye without heating.
Cover your desk with a newspaper to capture any drops or spills.
Fill the plastic bottle container with dye.
Use a spray bottle for each color.
Spray each part of the twisted material in the color you want.
Use one color at a time, spray down to the rubber band, then change the color and spray down to the next rubber band.
Continue this process in each twisted material part of the entire pattern.
Rinse the whole piece of material with cold water and set the color on the butterfly.
Rinse the whole piece of material with warm water to rinse off any excess dye.
Remove the rubber band from the material.
Hang the materials to dry.
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