Keego is the world’s first squeezable metal water bottle

by:Petolar     2020-06-18
Finding the right water bottle while exercising is sometimes a real challenge.
While metal bottles are a healthier and greener option, extruded plastic bottles are easier to use when exercising.
If there is an alternative, the best quality of the two bottles is mixed in some way.
This is exactly the idea behind Keego, which was recently launched on Kickstarter.
The product uses \"elastic titanium\" to create a brand new water bottle category that offers the best performance for metals and plastics, making it the first
Extruded metal bottle
The creator of the Keego bottle said that the secret of its unique design lies in its construction process, which cleverly weaves the elastic material into the metal itself, making it more malleable in the process.
The bottle remains 99 after completion.
8% of titanium, but it gains the ability to squeeze, just like a traditional plastic water bottle.
This allows Keego to span the boundaries between metal and plastic bottles, providing the best functionality for both.
Titanium helps to maintain the taste of the liquid inside the container and is healthier and easier to clean compared to the plastic model.
It is also more durable and resistant to damage.
Keego\'s extrusion makes it easier to grab and have a drink even during intense workouts.
Weigh at 3.
With 45 ounces, Keego can hold up to 24 ounces of water.
It also has medical features
Grade silicone caps that regulate the flow of liquid, while its shell includes tiny ripples that provide a safe hold even if the bottle is wet.
The shape of Keego has also been improved so that it can easily get in and out of the water bottle cages found on most bikes, which is a great solution for cyclists.
The Keego team has already achieved the $30,000 target on Kickstarter, which means that bottles should be put into production later this year and start shipping in August, which is expected to cost about $70.
However, early bird supporters can now buy one for $55, although understanding the risk of supporting any crowdfunding campaign is always worth it.
Learn more on the official Keego Kickstarter page.
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