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by:Petolar     2020-09-04
Nagpur: in most parts of the city, getting clean water is as easy as turning on the tap.
What most of us have never seen or have to worry about is the steps taken to make this water drinkable.
In order for the children to secretly understand the process, Nagpur is for the children (NFK)
Members of the club visited the water treatment plant (WTP)
Learn about the water treatment facilities under Nagpur Municipal company for children in Godhani (NMC)
Clean water for the city.
On one of the six WTP tours in NMC, which deal with 115 MLD of water per day, NFK members will see for themselves how the water they drink is purified using five separate units.
Prakash Urade, the NMC chief engineer who will guide the children, said, \"in order to show the children the whole process of water treatment, we plan to take them to each unit and tell them in detail how they operate.
He also said, \"the children will know as soon as they finish pumping water --
WTP Pumping Station-
Water from Navegaon
The Kheri reservoir, which has to go through a variety of treatment units, such as ventilation units, to get the water out of the bad smell, which is the precipitation unit of the filtered water from the unnecessary sediment, and the filtration unit, let it have the last feeling.
He also said that there is a separate unit where disinfected chemicals flow into the water to kill bacteria.
Urade said he was sure the children would have a good experience.
\"Many of them will also develop queries in the process, which is the most exciting part of the interaction.
\"Officials here will be happy to answer their questions,\" he said . \".
This is a great opportunity for children to realize the importance of water.
Through this trip, the ultimate goal of the NMC is to let the children know about the problem of water shortage.
\"This is not only a problem facing the city, it is also a problem facing the entire planet.
We will teach children how to save water.
This is a perfect time. They should be sensitive to it.
\"We will also tell them to teach their elders the same thing at home,\" he said . \".
What is Shakti Singh described in this report: Visit to NMC\'s sewage treatment plant at Godhni: January 17 (Sunday)
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