LG\'s True Water Purifier witnesses surge in sales, supply increased to meet demand

by:Petolar     2020-06-21
Lucknow: supported by a substantial increase in sales of durable consumer goods, LG Electronics India is air-shipping water purifier goods to meet the high sales requirements of its products, the company calls it the first RO water purifier in India with double protection stainless steel water tank.
The latest products in the field of LG home appliances, the industry\'s first stainless steel tank series, the demand is getting higher and higher, indicating the change of Consumer Concept, consumers will pay attention to the value proposition of price sensitivity when buying.
Rajeev Jain, head of home appliance sales at LG India, said, \"LG\'s real RO water purifier has been witnessing strong sales since its launch in India.
Due to the high sales turnover of the products, our goods are being transported by air.
We have received a very positive response from consumers to the real RO water purifier, which includes a unique double protected stainless steel tank for sanitary water protection.
The company said the innovative technology for water purifiers was created to meet the needs of Indian consumers.
Encouraging feedback from consumers highlights products that we have exceeded expectations in the market.
We now hope to gain 50% of the market share in this high-end segment (above Rs. 20000)
By the end of this year.
\"As a brand, LG claims to be sensitive to the needs of Indian consumers and manufactures products based on the ideas it has gained from its effective Indian Insight program.
To understand the need for purification and safe drinking water, this room temperature-based RO stainless steel water purifier series is designed with RO filtration system to provide the purest RO water.
A separate sealed stainless steel tank prevents the formation of bacteria and bacteria.
The \"always fresh UV cycle\" keeps the water fresh for a longer period of time, ensuring hygienic preservation.
The purifier provides ecology through the digital disinfection care system
Friendly, convenient and automatic maintenance method.
LG says these water purifiers promise to stay pure before the last drop of water you drink.
According to the Indian water purifier market forecast and Opportunity report in 2018, the Indian market has shown great growth in the past few years.
By 2018, India\'s water purifier market revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24%.
Rajeev Jain further added, \"As more and more people are aware of the risk of drinking contaminated water, demand for water purifiers is growing rapidly.
With the improvement of people\'s awareness and the huge development of market potential, the water purifier market may flourish with more technological innovation.
Indian consumers are value conscious and look forward to providing water purifiers for safe, clean and impurity-free drinking water, he added.
In addition to the low-priced water purifiers, the high-end market is also booming and the price is higher, providing a wide range of innovative functions.
Now consumers are more interested in these extended features, because compromise with health is completely unacceptable to them.
LG\'s water purifier has an instant hot and cold range in addition to the room temperature water purifier.
After getting the highest market share in the refrigerator, microwave oven and washing machine category, LG will also make a difference in the water purifier part of the market.
The lg ro stainless steel water purifier has six models on the Indian market, priced between Rs 22000 and RS 44000.
LG Electronics India Co. , Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics Korea and was established in India in January 1997.
It is one of the most powerful brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, It hardware and mobile communications.
In the past 10 years, LG has won an outstanding brand positioning in India and is a recognized leader in the industry.
The manufacturing department of LGEIL is located in danoida.
Located in Ranjangaon, Pune, the second green space facility produces air conditioners, LED TVs, washing machines and refrigerators.
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