Loyalty card overload

by:Petolar     2020-06-25
Please give me enough loyalty cards.
Source: On Sunday, when my husband was an engineer in the city, he used to go to the cafe near the office for coffee every day.
Not so much as their beer was great, it was a comfortable cheer --
Just like everyone knows his name.
In fact, it\'s part of the franchise, so it\'s a very soulless place.
However, the daily coffee supply has become a cycle.
One day he came home with a new hat.
It has the logo of the coffee chain on the front, so I was surprised that he was so excited about it.
Iconic Cheers Bar: no loyalty card and everyone knows your name.
He explained that he bought it with points. Loyalty points.
In fact, his other coffee partners at work have been involved so that they have enough money to \"buy\" hats for him.
For some time, the pursuit of getting enough points for the hat has become the focus of their visit.
So, when the hat is finally bought, it\'s quite a prize.
I understand.
It\'s a lovely little mission with the efforts and fun of the club.
But more importantly, I now understand graujo Marx, who once said, \"I refuse to join any club that makes me a member.
\"Apart from being simple and fun, this sentence often comes to mind when I go out shopping.
Because everyone seems to be selling loyalty cards to me, it\'s ridiculous.
Although this is annoying enough, I\'m not just referring to the stupormarket.
They are now calling you at gas stations, every department store, every cafe.
Where I make my eyebrows. At the chemist.
Nut Shop Around the corner of my house. (Seriously?
They expect people to be loyal to crazy people? )At the health-food store.
Swimming pool.
I bought a hippie shop with new stainless steel.
Steel water bottle.
One of my girlfriends bought her car a new set of tires and when she paid, the guy behind the counter tried to give her a loyalty card. For CAR TYRES.
When she explained that she didn\'t need anything for at least five years, tyre guy shook him in frustration and said, \"Well, if you don\'t want a discount of 15 cents . . . . . . Everything has a loyalty program. Even car tyres.
Source: a friend who works at News Limited My has a moon dolphin swim sightseeing card promising that she will receive a discount of 50 cents for her next visit.
In her wallet. Every day.
Because you never know when to visit the Dolphins.
I just don\'t understand the concept.
You see, I\'m a customer, so I have the freedom to spend money where I choose.
If anyone wants to be loyal to me, it should be your business to me.
However, in the case of loyalty cards, I should do all the work.
I was asked to join me in putting your card and the eight kilos of other cards I collected in my briefcase --
Anywhere I go there is a wallet of the size.
Then, every time I visit your institution frequently, I am expected to go through them like archivists.
When I finally made the dog
You give it a stamp as if I was in grade 2, or clip it down like I did on a bus, and it\'s encouraging to tell me, I was on my way to the free wax/tone/latte and only had eight visits.
I don\'t think so.
Look, you\'re the owner of the store.
You have to stay where you are.
So why don\'t you help me put my loyalty card behind the counter?
It will make more sense.
This is much better than treating me like your card
With a servant
It might make me loyal to you.
A few days ago, I was in a shopping mall, passing by a Chinese massage shop.
This is a dim fluorescence. lit operation. Very basic.
A couple was chatting in front of me and the lady brought me in.
When I explained that I had never done a Chinese massage before, she advised me to do 1 feet massages.
Next is the most painful jabbing, poke and thrill I \'ve experienced for 40 minutes.
Seriously, it\'s like getting a massage from Edward the scissor.
Once in a while, it hurts so much that I scream, and my torturer will look at me from her glasses and say, \"Is it painful? ”Yes, sore.
It\'s actually painful.
1 feet massage from Edward scissor?
Including loyalty cards, of course.
Source: Getty Images when I finally hobbled out of there, Mrs. scissor handed me a card.
\"You can get a $5 discount when you come 10 times,\" she said . \"
Only nine left. Yippee.
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