Lunchboxes to make packing cool again

by:Petolar     2020-07-06
The lunch at home is better for you than the school lunch, right?
Angela Lemmon, a spokeswoman for nutritionist and College of Nutrition and diet, said not necessarily.
She explained that children need multiple foods to get enough vitamins and minerals, \"a lot of the time it\'s very similar when we prepare lunch for children at home, day after day. ” Plus, the go-
Vegetables and dairy products are not usually included.
(We are looking at you, juice box and PB & Js.
) For parents who want to pack a better, more diverse lunch, a mother recommends starting with a lunch box instead of starting with food.
Wendy Thorpe Copley packed his son\'s lunch in a lunch box, a Japanese-style food storage method that includes containers and partitions for different types of food.
She also made it look good and recorded her Dinosaur
Sandwiches and stars in shape
On her blog, Wendolonia, there are sweet pepper slices in shape.
\"When you go to the restaurant, you want your food to look good,\" Copley said . \".
\"People don\'t think children feel the same way, but they definitely feel the same way.
\"Eliminate boredom with trendy lunch bags, boxes and handbags below --
Make your child eat better in the process.
Wendy Thorpe Copley said: \"People look at lunch boxes and they don\'t think they have that much food, but they actually hold a ton.
She took the lunch robot duo as an example: \"You look at it and think, \'This doesn\'t look like food very much, but it may have 2 cups of 1/2 to 3 cups of food.
This is a ton of food for preschool children. ” ($20-21, www. lunchbots. com).
Copley, author of \"lunch daily: 50 lovely and delicious lunches\", said: \"If you want something leak-proof, this is your lunch box,\" with four or six compartments ($28, www. yumboxlunch. com).
Tight sealing means that you can wrap apple sauce next to cookies and yogurt next to cookies.
The smallest compartment is perfect for a vegetable dip or a candy or two.
● The School of Nutrition and diet announced the August children\'s diet month (www. kidseatright.
Org), let parents plan for the upcoming school year in time.
Angela Drummond and Copley both believe that a stylish lunch bag is a great start. The vintage-
The stylish linen red scooter lunch box comes with a strap to wear as a messenger bag ($31, www. soyoung. ca).
Choose your lunch box according to the age of the child, because preschool children don\'t need as much food as a six-year-old, Copley saidgrader.
Spicy and delicious lunch tote bag with a pocket inside for cutlery and a strap for carrying, good for big kids with a big appetite or adult --
Ups goes to work ($24, www. builtny. com).
The soft insulating neoprene means that the lunch box can be stretched and fit into the shape of the food inside.
● The Zoo lunch insulated lunch bag at Skip Hop is popular among preschool children with 21 animal and insect designs such as hippo and bed bugs ($15, www. skiphop. com).
Once you have selected your bio, find the backpack, cutlery, utensils and water bottle to match.
● Lunch containers with separate compartments allow parents to better follow the USDA advice (www. choosemyplate.
Gov) what should appear in a healthy diet: a combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy products.
Stoh insulated lunch tote bag has plenty of room for a hard container and a mesh bag for two small items ($22-$28, www. milkdot. com).
● The youngest son of Copley prefers the Rover of the planet box ($50 plus $12)
Carrying bag $14, www. planetbox. com).
Copley said it was \"very expensive\" but it had a lunch bag and it was built like a tank. ” The gender-
A neutral metal surface (perfect for magnets) means that it adapts to his style as it grows older.
As your kids get older, let them help pack their own lunches, says Lemond.
Nutritionist\'s 8-and 11-year-
\"A protein, a grain, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. ” L. L. Bean’s Flip-
Top lunch boxes can accommodate all of these and so on ($25, www. llbean. com).
● The children have enough time to travel back and forth to the school, so a feather light line is designed at the end of Landes to ease their burden.
The Weatherlight lunch box is fitted with hooks and can be refrigerated for five hours in an ice bag ($19, www. landsend. com).
Don\'t run out of plastic bags anymore.
Food Kozy Packaging ($6, shop. kidskonserve.
Com) is reusable plastic (jelly or mustard does not penetrate) divided into two types.
● Reusable lunch boxes can help parents reduce waste, but napkins, sandwich bags and snack bags made of washable laminated fabrics can also be used, such as SnackTaxi\'s bite my snack bag www. snacktaxi. com).
● Wrap hot soups or peppers with vegetables in 10 ounces of animals.
Funtainer Food Jar for thermos and DwellStudio ($20, www. dwellstudio. com).
Before the package is heated to 200 degrees, so that by lunch time they will exceed the temperature hazardous area of 140 degrees.
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