Man stabbed to death over water bottle; accused held

by:Petolar     2020-09-14
A 21-year-
An acquaintance allegedly stabbed an old man in front of his girlfriend on Wednesday night --
Bharat Nagar in West Germany
The murder was allegedly the result of a dispute over the sharing of water bottles, police said, adding that the accused had been arrested.
Deputy Chief of Police (North-West)
Aslam Khan said that the victim, Sagar, a resident of Jahangirpuri, had played dhol and was allegedly stabbed by Gaurav, a resident of Wazirpur.
\"Gao raf was arrested near the border in Haryana on Thursday afternoon,\" MS Khan said.
Sagar\'s mother, Asha, said he left the house around 7: 00 in the evening. m.
Visit his aunt in wazipur on Wednesday.
The victim\'s family also stayed there before moving to Jahangirpuri.
The victim\'s girlfriend, who is also a resident of Wazirpur, said she was walking with Sagar and another friend when she was 11. 30 p. m.
When they hit gaolaf
\"The victim took a water bottle and the defendant asked for a drink.
The victim said he drank first.
Then the defendant pressed the victim to his neck . \"
Khan added that there was an argument after Gaurav left.
Police said the accused was waiting in the distance and when Sagar and his girlfriend left, he allegedly came and stabbed Sagar many times.
The victim was then taken to the Deep Chand Bandhu hospital and declared dead. Ms.
Khan said the accused fled the scene but was arrested on Thursday with the help of technical and personnel surveillance.
Sagar\'s family raised doubts about the girl\'s involvement, claiming that her clothes were not stained with blood, although she allegedly claimed that Sagar had fallen into her lap.
However, the police ruled out her involvement, saying the family was opposed to their relationship.
The family claimed no one had come forward to help the victims.
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