Microwaving In Plastic: Is It Dangerous Or Not?

by:Petolar     2020-07-05
Ya, Franz here!
Yes, we have entered the nuclear food era since our early 70 s.
With the development of technology, the way of communication makes the speed of information dissemination greatly accelerated, and people have always believed that microwave in plastic containers may not be a good idea.
Is it safe for you to heat food in this way? Chemicals ooze out of plastic and enter the food you heat. Did you heat the ketchup in the microwave, in the plastic container that Franz used to use!
I noticed that the plastic would be dyed red with sauce.
Once it gets hot enough to etching the plastic container along the edge.
Now, this is a microwave safe.
Cooking containers designed for microwave ovens.
I didn\'t think much at the time, but a few years later, I recalled the incident and started doing some research on microwaves in plastic.
Strangely, I found a child doing research at school.
Very interesting!
He wants to prove that the water heated in the microwave is not good for you.
He has heard the dispute and has decided to find a way to prove or refute the premise.
So he bought two identical plants, bought them in the same place, took them home, watered one with ordinary tap water, the other is water heated and cooled in a microwave oven.
A few weeks later, the plant that got warm water from the microwave died.
Students concluded: don\'t heat your water in a microwave, it may kill you!
Obviously there are a lot of factors to consider here, but the whole story will definitely make you curious.
Some people say that microwaves change the molecular structure of anything you heat, thus creating something that was once healthy and could be toxic.
When it comes to plastic microwaves, there are some chemicals that can ooze out of plastic that can cause certain cancer and reproductive problems.
Now the FDA is aware of the dangers of this situation, so it is safe for them to closely monitor which containers are used for plastic microwaves.
They test whether they can transfer toxins at the temperature the container may use.
They then rated these tested plastic containers as microwave safe containers.
From these studies, here are some things to remember when microwave with plastic. Take-
Food and water bottles in plastic containers such as food containers, yogurt are not safe for microwave.
The microwave dinner in the plastic tray is for one-time use only and should be said on the package.
Do not use any type of plastic wrap or storage bag to heat the food.
If you are not sure what microwave oven to heat the food, please use a pyrex or ceramic container.
This will eliminate the possibility of any chemical transfer.
If you have to use a microwave, I would recommend that you do not use a plastic microwave.
And, if you\'re hooked on a microwave and you\'re looking for it, you can research the subject yourself.
Learn by yourself.
I don\'t always believe what the FDA says.
The best health of Franz is based on positive research into the body over the years.
Microwaves in plastic containers do not fit my health plan;
In fact, I don\'t use a microwave at all!
As always, I wish you good health, a lot of blessings and a long life!
Franz # of ya, zhugang!
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