Montreal looks to ban plastic water bottles in city buildings

by:Petolar     2020-06-28
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Plastic bags have been banned in Montreal, and City Hall will also work to remove other types of plastic.
Next week, the opposition Montreal ensemble will file a motion to ban the sale of £ 500.
Use the millel water bottle in urban activities and urban buildings.
\"We want Montreal to set an example,\" said city councillor francesco Miele.
The proposal does not apply to water bottles distributed in case of emergency.
Without specifying, the government of Valery Plante confirmed that the city was looking into the issue and could go further than the opposition had proposed.
The city is seeking to develop a broader policy to reduce the ecological footprint, according to radio, and the project may soon be submitted to industry stakeholders, business owners and citizensCanada sources.
The plastic straw may be a project in the cross line
Vancouver banned them last week and London banned them.
Former mayor Dennis corcorcorey put forward the idea of banning plastic bottles in 2016, but did not set a clear plan or timetable.
Miele\'s motion also referred to the city\'s largest recycling plant, which China decided last year to implement on a large scale
Import of waste is prohibited.
Montreal officially banned singles
Use plastic bagsbut heavy-
OK bag OKMontreal will spend up to $30 million to keep it open and avoid the availability of recyclable materials in the trash.
The opposition says there are more than 0. 7 billion plastic bottles in the Quebec landfill every year.
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