Nestle sued over ‘fake spring water’

by:Petolar     2020-06-23
Nestle has been sued in the United States for its Polish Spring brand.
Image: Supply Source: supply chain is involved in a legal dispute over one of the bottled water brands, which the lawsuit calls \"huge fraud \". The class-
The lawsuit says Polish springs cheat consumers with evergreen labels that say their bottles contain \"100 natural springs\" from Maine, the United States \".
\"For consumers, the\" spring water \"of the springs naturally produced symbolizes purity and high quality, with the defendant\'s non-
\"Spring drinking water products or filtered tap water,\" the lawsuit said . \".
\"In order to obtain this premium illegally ,[the]
Since the defendant began selling the Polish Spring brand in 1993, he has been bottling ordinary groundwater and illegally labeling it as \"natural Spring water.
\"According to the website of spring town, Poland, a family stabiliser named Hiram Ricker announced in the medium term
1800, the mineral spring on his property cured his indigestion, which caused people to flock to the area to take advantage of the mineral spring\'s healing capacity.
Nestlé has been charged for its Polish springs in the United States.
Picture: Supply Source: supply but, these days, the brand is used on ordinary groundwater bottles produced by Nestle North America, and the lawsuit claims that this does not conform to the definition of spring water by the US Federation.
It is concerned that one or more of the company\'s groundwater collection sites may be located near a former landfill or an oil dump.
A representative of Nestlé said the water was in line with all federal and state regulations on spring water.
The company vowed to fight the lawsuit.
The water bottled by the company is disinfected and purified to ensure there is no contamination before it is sold.
Nestlé settled 2003 lawsuits in Connecticut, claiming that Polish springs were not supplied deep in the forest in Maine.
The lawsuit took place in Stamford, Connecticut.
As demand for bottled water grows, Maine-based companies are expanding.
Nestlé is seeking approval from the state government for water supply from Lincoln\'s public wells.
Australian consumers spend an average of $2.
75 bottles of pure water per liter sold by various brands.
Consumer groups chose to call beverage sellers successful in making people pay \"nearly 2000 times the price\" for bottled water a \"marketing victory of the century\", claiming that the taste test showed, most people \"can\'t even distinguish between bottled water and tap water \".
Elizabeth loyt, author of \"Bottlemania\": how water was sold and why we bought it, she said it was all about the clean and pure image used in the brand of bottled water.
\"The names and images used by bottled water companies subtly or openly evoke pure and natural connections, and consumers may think that these names and images are\" better \"and\" cleaner than tap water, \"she said
\"You will see images of many mountains, rivers, creeks and forests on the label --
Pure and natural iconography.
\"But the natural spring water on the label is not necessarily a water source,\" she said.
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