New England’s Top Outdoor Water Parks

by:Petolar     2020-07-02
The water park gives visitors a sense of adventure through slides, wave pools and other thrilling attractions designed to keep them cool.
There are some of the best water parks in New England.
Included in your $36.
Day tickets at Lake canobi Park in New Hampshire ($27 if you\'re below 48 inch) are tickets to the amusement park\'s water complex \"Castaway Island.
\"This area of the park gives you the option to cool with water slides, water cannons and more wet ways.
As for drying, Xtreme can\'t handle things on the fly.
Treat it as a life. size dryer.
Complake Compounce in Connecticut is another water park, and the tickets are included in the general price of the amusement park, which has some rides that must satisfy this excitement --
Searchers including \"Lights Out\"
Swipe quickly in the dark, and in the wave pools of \"Clipper Cove\" and \"Bayou Bay\", 300 gallons of water will hit visitors.
Tickets are $39. 99, $28.
74 people under 52 inch tall
The parking fee is also $8.
Not only can you cool off on this oasis of Quassy Amusement Park in Connecticut, if the slides, fountains, other features of the water jungle gym don\'t work.
Back to the shore of Lake Quassapaug, lifeguards are always there on duty and reassemble before diving back to the heat of carnival games. All-
Daytime Park combo tickets are available for $24.
50, or only $15 for tickets to Quassy Beach and saturation station.
$6 parking throughout the day.
This entrance to the New England water park landscape is probably one of the most satisfying stimuliseeker.
These rides are intense enough to spur-
Ratings range from mild (children\'s octopus) to moderate (Swiss family Toboggan) to the largest (typhoon.
Park tickets are $59.
$99 for adults, $49.
99 for children under 54 inch years of age, although tickets can be found online.
Children under 2 years of age are free.
Parking is $20.
There are eight outdoor heated swimming pools, four waterslides and a secluded natural entertainment area, all of which are located in the green hills. Smugglers are vying for the title of New England\'s most versatile ski resort.
The mountain resort package includes unlimited use of these facilities.
If you have experienced some form of water travel during your trip, they are likely to experience it in one of New England\'s largest water parks, the water country.
There are more than a dozen different attractions to choose from, just starting with water skiing.
Tickets are $38 a day. 99, $26.
People under 48 inch 99
For those who live nearby, season tickets are only $65.
99, less than the cost of two tickets.
The park is located in the northeast of Manchester. H.
, Expanded its attractions and now includes a full range in addition to slides and pool
Natural beach area with more slides and attractions.
Adults are $25 a day, and children under 48 inch are $20 a day.
There are also season tickets for $50.
Because of two New England regions, water has always been a summer resort in southern New England.
The location of Wareham continues to provide plenty of Cape Cod-
Bundled families with entertainment along the way or one day-
Enjoy a slide trip and plunge on the bridge.
The 40-minute unlimited ride ticket is $13 and the full day ticket is $30.
3031 Cranberry Highway.
The story of whales is rated by water sports International as the best water park of its kind in the United States and is a summer staple in the New Hampshire Franconia Notch area.
In the background of White Mountain, swimmers can enjoy the thrilling waterslide and wave pool, as well as the heated pool Castaway Cove with hot tub, which provides catering services.
The maximum admission fee after 3 p is $35, $25. m.
At this amusement park in Saco, Maine, visitors can play in the water all day, including on the only Tornado slide in northern New England, and then dry. Head to the other side and enjoy a night filled with rides and other traditional attractions.
For anyone 38 to 48 inch tall, the combined pass is $36, $27.
Tickets to the water park are only $25 and $20.
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