no water bottles inside stadium during nagpur odi

by:Petolar     2020-10-22
NAGPUR, October 11: during the sixth ODI between India and Australia in October 14, organizers decided not to allow spectators to carry plastic bottles inside the stadium.
Instead, they will be allowed to carry water in the bag.
In the Thursday match of Vadodara, chief coordinator of Vidarbha Cricket Association, the audience threw water bottles (VCA)
Sudhir Dabir and the joint commissioner for police Babasaheb Kangale informed reporters of the decision.
The team will arrive here on Friday afternoon, but there will be no net practice on the day they arrive.
However, VCA Secretary Vijay Chitale said the two teams will play on the court on Saturday.
At the same time, all arrangements for the competition have been completed and tickets have been sold out.
Detailed safety arrangements have been put in place to ensure an accidentfree event. Thirty-
Four cameras will monitor the audience\'s movements, and unruly fans will be expelled from the stadium, he said.
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