p.e.i. schools turn to water filling stations to reduce single-use plastic

by:Petolar     2020-07-13
Schools around Prince Edward Island are turning to water stations to reduce singlesuse plastic.
\"We \'ve seen an increasing interest in people lately,\" said Becky Chasson, director of corporate services at the Public Schools Division.
\"We have many schools that are able to get them into their schools through different partnerships.
\"Some cities on P. E. I.
Stop using disposable plastic water bottles at the meetingsBell Aliant center and get water gas stations to reduce waste of plastic bottles. Community echaisson said community groups or municipalities donated gas stations and then
\"I think this is part of everyone\'s focus on the environment and how to be more eco-friendly in reducing disposable bottles,\" Chaisson said . \".
For example, chaissonsay says it has been installed in the Montagu area, Bloomfield Elementary School, West Kent, Gulf Coast, Suris area, Prince Street, Westel and Colonel Gray
About $1,500 each.
Three weeks ago, the convenient cold water Prince Street school received a new water station with financial assistance from Charlottetown.
\"We have been looking for ways to reduce school waste,\" said President Natasha brosley . \".
\"It also provides convenient cold water, faster than the old one --
Old-fashioned fountain
The gas station also encourages students to drink more water, Mr. brosley said.
\"With the release of the new Canadian food guide, it talks about water being one of the main drinks that people should drink, which is important,\" said brosley . \".
\"They are easily accessible and free.
\"Water bottle savings for students on Prince Street even have a real life lesson in math, in the form of a counter, tracking how many water bottles are saved due to the gas station.
\"We are looking at the rate at which this number is going up and the rate at which it is going up,\" said brosley . \".
\"We only have about three weeks at school and seeing it as many as 1,600 water bottles is amazing for a school with 250 people.
\"Sixth-grade student Monica brachadir gave a thumbs up to the new gas station.
\"You don\'t have to stand there and wait because it\'s filled up and you don\'t have to bend over,\" Blacquiere said . \".
\"You can stand and wait for it to fill up by itself.
\"Noah ginatz, also in sixth grade, likes the way water bottles are tracked.
\"It\'s already a cool addition to the fountain and it shows you how different it has been since we added it,\" Gignac said . \". \'No-
Colonel brannard Gray High School in Charlottetown has four gas stations that were installed a few years ago.
\"This is a reduction in plastic and waste,\" said Colonel Gray\'s principal, Dominique lecur . \".
\"We have a growing number of students who are very environmental conscious and this is a way for us to solve this problem.
\"One of the units was donated by the city, the other was donated through the construction of the school health center, and the other two units were purchased by the school.
\"There are also studies in education that show that water is critical to the brain, and we are a school, so we want students to use their brains,\" lykour said . \".
\"In the long run, this is a No.
Smarter in the use of schools and in the help of the environment.
\"Lekour hopes to purchase two more sets of equipment for Colonel Gray in order to be installed in time for the next academic year. More P. E. I.
The Minister of Information said the municipality will be required to make a post-conflict disclosure of the linemore sand used by P this yearE. I.
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