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by:Petolar     2020-09-09
Bengaluru: inspired by the head minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, who banned the use of plastic bottles in offices or meetings, rural development in Karnataka and panchayat raj (RDPR)
The department asked its officials not to use plastic bottles at events and meetings.
In an order, the chief secretary of rdpr l k Atheeq directed officers not to use plastic bottles that affect the environment.
Glass wine glasses and 20-
Instead, the water tank was raised.
Officials were told to ensure that meetings, functions and activities of the department were strictly prohibited
Make it a model for others to follow.
On July, the UP government announced a ban on the use of plastic bags, cups and glasses across the state, when Yogi Adityanath began using steel flasks during a meeting in the office.
An official at RDPR said the decision to ban plastics was made after this year\'s World Environment Day celebration, with the theme of \"beating plastic pollution \".
The department decided not to use plastic bottles.
More importantly, it will also save money and help prevent water from being wasted.
Often, officials and even ministers themselves do not drink very little water from bottles that are later discarded.
He explained that in Vidhana Soudha alone, the requirements for water bottles in our department meetings were at least 100 per day, although only very little water was consumed.
RDPR minister Krishna Byre Gowda told TOI: I believe that a lot of money can be saved through this step.
More importantly, since we are a huge department, this will eliminate the use of thousands of plastic bottles.
I hope that our employees will follow this in their official identity and in their personal lives as well.
Atheatheeq said his officials were initially hesitant to execute the order because they were concerned that staff in the housekeeping department might not wash the kettle, but when the minister himself stopped using it, they
We will purchase a lot of water and keep the kettle for water during the event.
Glass glasses will also be provided, he added.
To curb the plastic threat, BBMP has launched awareness-raising programmes in eight regions.
The Institute for Environmental Management and Policy is organizing projects for regional engineers, officials from all departments and members of the roadside vegetable supplier Association.
Chief Health Officer (in-charge)
Dr. Manoranjan Hegde told TOI that the focus of BBMP is to spread awareness among people on the ground, because it can have a huge impact.
Some organizations have joined us and the workshop will be held in stages.
We will involve suppliers who use a lot of plastic.
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