Plastic bottles are deadly for your brain

by:Petolar     2020-09-01
Canadian researchers have found that the chemical BPA used in the manufacture of plastic containers can damage many of the brain\'s functions: plastic containers can be fatal to your brain.
Canadian researchers have found that the chemicals used to make plastic containers-bpa a (bpa a, BPA)-may damage many brain functions, such as learning and memory.
They are also concerned that this may be a factor in Alzheimer\'s, mental division, and depression.
Bisphenol a is used worldwide for the manufacture of plastic water bottles, baby food bottles, food containers and dental restoration.
In their study, researchers at the nearby University of Guelph found that BPA may leak into solid or liquid foods stored in plastic containers.
They say that when these foods and liquids are consumed, chemicals may enter the human system and disrupt communication between brain neurons, which is crucial for understanding and memory.
According to researcher Neil McClusky, the slow dose of this chemical seriously damages the formation of synapses in the brain region associated with learning.
As part of their research, the researchers are in St.
Kitz island, which contains low levels of BPA in a month.
After that, they found that the chemical slowed down the synapses in the monkey\'s brain.
MacLusky says the process is related to estrogen.
\"Estrogen increases the speed at which certain types of synapses are formed and is critical to maintaining the normal neuron structure in the areas of the brain that control learning, memory, and emotional state, he said in a television interview.
When there is BPA in the monkey\'s system, it can seriously damage the process and affect their memory ability, he said.
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