police charge man with attempted murder after he allegedly filled coworker\'s water bottle with engine coolant

by:Petolar     2020-07-14
Police said they arrested a second man who allegedly filled a colleague\'s water bottle with engine coolant at a BMW dealer.
Toronto police say they accused a 20-year-
An old man suspected of attempted murder was arrested in Belville on Friday.
Last week, police said a dealer employee took a sip from the bottle and realized it was not water.
He then went to a pharmacy for treatment and then went to a hospital where he was cleared of any adverse effects.
Police said they checked the dealer\'s security video showing two men taking the water bottle and returning it. The 20-year-
The old man in Toronto was charged with attempted murder and the use of toxic substances.
Police have charged a 34-year-
The old man related to the same incident.
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