resin dryers: product lines reviewed.

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Brbry-resin dryer product lineAir Systems DivisionBRY-AIR, INC.
Resin dryers available in sizes from 12 to 5000 cfm.
Larger dryer provided directly-
Natural gas regeneration at lower operating costs.
All dryers are designed with a variety of desiccant beds.
The company also provides a complete loader series (
Ratio is also available)
And central vacuum loading system.
The company carried a series of mold dewetting systems to eliminate mold sweating.
The size of the dryer ranges from 200 to 65,000 cfm.
Resin powder drying system is also provided.
Cactus Machinery Co. , Ltd.
The resin dryer series called Cactus Super dryer is available.
Within 30 minutes, there are four sizes available to handle engineered resins up to 75 lbs/hr.
In addition to desiccant drying, the cactus system can run continuously instead of drying in batches.
Quickly heat a small amount of resin and apply moisture to the surface of the particles. A compressed-air-
The power Wenzhu produces airflow through the resin, conveying surface moisture from the resin. Low-
It is reported that the power consumption of the wattage heater belt is 80% lower than that of similar desiccant dryers.
As there are no moving parts, there is almost no repair.
The newly developed microprocessor controls to maintain a precise and constant temperature inside the dryer to obtain consistent quality parts.
Pre-drying is not required.
Cactus Superdryers are ready to produce dry resin in 30 minutes and, according to the company, changes in material and/or color can be done quickly and easily.
Carrier vibration equipment for drying various sizes/types of particles company provides 12-in. x 15-ft. 1-hp stainless-
Steel deck conveyor
Dryer with unit and hood insulation and can accommodate in-line equipment.
Control the air temperature and volume in order to maintain the particle mass.
To dry PET debris during bottle recycling, the company provides twozone stainless-
2x10 ft, 2-hp fluid-
Bed dryer, equipped with auxiliary equipment in the system, including steam coil, noise attenuation, vacuum cleaner, sliding door, Valve and discharge drum cover.
Control the air temperature and volume to dry the chip to a specified level and prevent the chip from melting or melting.
Test the sample products at the company\'s laboratory facilities, or for in-
Factory tests that set design parameters for unusual applications.
Carter day industry (CANADA)
The company\'s rotary dryer is a high-cost centrifugal dryer
Effective drying of plastic flakes or particles.
The capacity ranges from 100 to 110,000/hour, and the moisture content is less than 0. 05%.
The dryer strengthens the rotorlifter-
Flat plate design for extended rotor life
The logarithmic lifting Blade Spacing in rotor design increases the particle residence time and the drying time. down;
Horizontal air
The flow turbine rotor design forces water and air to pass through the screen instead of discharging particles.
The unit has small space and low horsepower and is designed for continuous uninterrupted production.
Accessories include dehydration, wet-
Air exhaust fan, air pre
Heater, internal Flushing spray system, hardened rotor, particles-
Free Rotor and low
Noise construction.
Mira clone Cincinnati, USAS.
Plastic Machinery Division
A comprehensive range of resin dehumidifier for machine installation, portable or floor installation is available.
The complete line has an air.
Flow ratings from 25 to 2500 cfm.
Modular insulated stainless steel
The size of the Steel Hopper meets the requirements and design of dry air balance flow.
Aluminum mounting castings and sliding doors at the throat are also included.
The microprocessor control function includes large digital display of set and actual temperature, alarm code and cam loop sequence code.
These units utilize solids
Bed design and low
Watt density Calrod heater.
Options include: hi-temp package (300-400 F); hopper-Installation process-
Air heater and preheating coil.
Hopper options include drawer magnet, vacuum suctionoff and low-level alarm.
Full set of centralized dehumidifying resin dryers and machines available at COLORTRONIC
Independent dryer.
Color Electronic dehumidifying air dryers are designed to dry granular thermoplastic plastic at the lowest possible remaining temperature, regardless of atmospheric conditions.
It is said that the dryer achieves continuous good drying effect with the lowest energy requirement.
To further reduce the cost of energy, the company also provides insulation drying Hopper.
Through continuous dew point sensing, the drying is heated only if necessary, thus saving energy.
The dew point of dehumidifying air from regenerated desicant cells is-40 to -45 C.
The dryer uses a stainless steel heating element and a cast desticant bed, which has a longer life and a better effect.
Komi Automation System Co. , Ltd.
15-rate SD series clothes dryer resin25 lbs/hr.
The double desiccant bed provides low dew point-
40 F, allowing a completely automatic regeneration cycle. Space-
Save construction permit-
Machine or stand-alone installation for convenience. Solid-
State temperature control enhances reliability.
Connell Franklin, Connell Group Co. , Ltd. Mini-
Dryer with throughput up to 70 lbs/hour and new mini dryerdryer line (CD-30 and CD-60 models)
Standard Microprocessor control with update.
It is reported that the only real unit in the industry is closed
Unlike ordinary twins, the loop design of desiccant cooling
The tower design of this process is carried out using the humid air of the environment.
With a throughput of more than 70 lbs/H, the spyusel series dryers are designed with a rotating multiple desiccant box, reducing the temperature and humidity peaks on regular twinstower designs.
This design has a real closed function.
After regeneration, the circulating desiccant is cooled, eliminating the pre-loading of desiccant and ambient humidity.
Company\'s CompuDry II shaft instrument R in-
It is said that the online resin moisture monitoring system is the first
Online resin moisture analyzer integrated in dryer control to make the processor completely off
Closed loop moisture feedback and temperature control.
New member of the company: production line for six gas heated resin dryers, six capacity can be dried from 300/hour to 400/hour.
Other functions include temperature control inside [+ or -]2 F;
Designed for efficient heat transfer and low emission radiation burners;
And abide by the National Fire Association (NFPA)standards. J. H. DAY CO.
/Taylor stiles offers the choice of product dryers and drying systems for resin powder, pigment particles and other particles, as well as mixing, processing and reaction.
Large cylindrical dryers can handle up to 1000 cubic feet/batch with the option of a full or partial sheath for heat transfer and/or a full internal vacuum or pressure of 200 psi in a variety of designs.
The vertical cone day marking II processor/mixer drying system can handle up to 1400 cu ft/batch.
Jacket, vacuum or pressure design is available. DRI-
Aviation Industry Corporation
Manufacture a full set of desiccant dryers and drying systems for 2 to 400 lb/hour throughput. Company\'s Arid-
The X series dryer is fully automatic double
Bed design for production-
40f dew point air for newer engineering resin, barrel and floor-Standing model. The Arid-
For small molding machines or laboratory applications, X 10 will dry up to 10 lbs/h and only 9x14x16 in will be measured. high.
It has 110 or 220 volts.
Hopper size as low as 5-
Lb capacity can be provided. Closed-
Custom Cycle delivery system
The design allows the drying Hopper to be on the floor-
There is a small receiver standing on the throat of the feed.
The system allows for faster conversion, easier cleaning or a drying system to feed several machines.
The system is available for handling from 2 lbs/hour to 300 lbs/hour.
Loaders and magnet drawers installed on a dry Hopper are also provided.
The company will customize the design.
Foremost machine builders offers a variety of dehumidifying Hopper dryers for drying capacity.
It is reported that in order to achieve the same throughput, the design uses less electricity than conventional equipment.
Features include cross-flow regeneration of extremely low dew point without spikes. Standard/high-
Hot/PET resin models are also available.
Greenberg oven, INC.
Particle dryer up to 500 F, uniform [+ or -]
9 F. on the truck. load or shelf-load design. Stainless-
To prevent contamination, internal steel, continuous welding liners and HEPA filtration are some of the standard features. Explosion-
Optional anti-design. Custom-
In order to meet the specific application, the design unit can be built. A. C. HAMILTON, INC.
Offering its 2000 Series Heat
Clothes dryer or computer
Controlled dehumidifier for key drying applications. The hot-
Air dryer with integrated stainless steelsteel-
Lining drying Hopper installed on the processing machine. Floor-
Installation models are available.
Depending on the type of material, the drying range provided by the seven models ranges from a few lbs/h to more than 1000 lbs/h.
Air included in the design-
Flow Regulator for balancing the blower cfm to improve drying efficiency.
Ten automatic desiccant dryers are available.
These products use a molecular sieve desiccant to capture moisture in a closed drying system.
Several Desiccant boxes are provided, which are regularly indexed to the regeneration cycle.
Programmable microprocessor controls provide LCD messages for initial settings and provide performance information and alarm conditions.
Hydreclaim corp. Hydra-
The drying series desiccant drying system has a single rotating molecular sieve desiccant wheel, which provides lower energy consumption, smaller size, lower stable dew point capability, efficient use of desiccant materials, and elimination of desiccant dust removal, control the flow through the desiccant, minimize the pressure drop through the desiccant, reduce the maintenance of moving parts, no temperature fluctuations, no valves, continuous operation of wheels, easier to troubleshoot. IMS CO.
Three types of Hopper dryers are available for use on the press. Model MD-100 is a low-cost, hot-
Air devices used with non-moisture-absorbing materials can provide multiple presses. Model MD-750-
50 is refrigerant-
New type of dehumidifying Hopper dryer designed for hard equipmentto-
Dry materials such as nylon.
The third style is characterized by innovation, rotation
The desiccant bed is designed to ensure a consistent low dew point during each drying cycle.
To maximize moisture removal, the company also offers a variety of convection and desiccant
Hot-plastic oven. JEFFREY DIV.
Dresser Industry Limited
Full range of vibration fluids-
Clothes dryer and cooler.
Vibration fluid-
The bed system efficiently transmits heat and mass.
The advantage of close contact between material and fluid bed airflow combined with the gentle handling and active conveying action of the vibration conveyor creates a versatile processing equipment.
Some features include self
Stainless steel cleaning design
Automatic control, inspection door, multi-contact, variable conveying speed, steel contact surface
Design and temperature flexibility.
In order to ensure the appropriate size of the equipment, the company provided-
On-site testing with anti-slip equipment
Install the rental unit.
In addition, it can provide complete
Size, continuous
Test in its testing laboratory facilities.
Kaicheng Compressor Co. , Ltd.
A series of desiccant dryers, called blow-out compressed air dryers, are provided.
Two dryers
The stage process of drying materials.
Stage 1 300-
The 400 F ambient air from the purification blower flows down through the desiccant bed of the regeneration Tower, removing moisture and leaving the tower.
In the second stage, the least Super
To remove any remaining moisture, dry compressed air is transferred to the bed.
The desiccant is then regenerated, ready to start drying and turned off
The line Tower began to regenerate.
The unit is equipped with a solid-
The state programmable control package that automatically monitors and controls the pressure and temperature of the entire dryer to reduce unnecessary energy use.
These controls indicate component failures and allow the user to complete the sequence of operations step by step in order to facilitate trouble shooting. LABOTEK INC.
* Desiccant dryer/loader (DDL)-
Combine loading, desiccant drying and automatic regeneration in a compact unit. Has floor-
The control panel is installed, with various functions of graphic and light signal display, and the remaining moisture level reduced to 0 is realized. 02%.
Low power operation, Hopper magnet off-
Slide valve, exhaust valve, easy to change the material, there are nine sizes to choose from.
The company also provides
Dry PET bottle resin to HT with a moisture content of 0. 002%.
* Mobile desiccant dryer/loader (DDM)-
Combined in a mobile unit: Dryer, desiccant, automatic regeneration and automatic delivery of dry materials to the processing machine using pre-drying hot air.
Special discharge port fittings can be used as the level control of the process machine Hopper.
DDM can supply power to two processing machines at the same time.
The unit has three sizes to choose from and is loaded with materials that the company requires to dryEvator three-
Stage Hopper loader.
* Desiccant central dryer (DCD)-
Dry one or more granular materials to less than 0.
Use a central power supply to maintain 02% moisture in one or more dry hoppers
Packaging in six sizes.
The Hopper has a separate heater and temperature controller that can dry different materials at the same time.
Leyton brothers
A custom industrial oven manufacturer that offers three standard sizes of electric heating resin
Tray oven.
* Model series 1330-1-T3 is a 12-
Tray size laboratory with an average capacity of 100.
* Model series 1330-2-
T3 is in 24-
Pallet unit with an average capacity of 150.
* Model series 1330-5-T3 is a 40-
Pallet units with a capacity of up to 600.
The standard system includes indication of temperature to 350 F, timer and high limit.
The oven can be customized according to the process, including desiccant system, dew point instrument, recorder, cooler, filtration, etc.
The company specializes in the heat treatment process of plastics such as fluorine and composite materials.
Matsu Corporation of America
DMZ series dehumidifying Hopper dryers and central drying systems utilize molecules-
Sieve desiccant bonded with ceramic paper, slowly turning three times per hour, repeating the cycle of regeneration, heating, cooling and dewetting.
-Low dew point
It is said that 40f is easy to maintain.
The microcomputer control has a film Key, which can communicate with the host machine and/or the molding machine controller optional.
The smallest model can handle the cutting of 1412/hour.
Hd ii is hot too
Air Hopper dryer with 22-
Hopper capacity 660;
Help dry by using the heat in the barrel, thus saving energy \"spray dryer \"; a microwave-
It is reported that the dryer is much faster than the traditional dryer;
Combined with MultiJet II, it combines Hopper loaders, dehumidifying Hopper dryers and molds
A compact temperature controller in the mobile console. MOTAN, INC.
The company\'s dehumidifier includes a capacity of 15 to 1000 cfm.
All units include simple design with positive
Seat valve for Air Routing, alarm function and user-
Friendly control.
The larger model has available dew point monitoring/control with microprocessor control and dryer function.
The company\'s main central drying system. NISSUI CORP.
Two dryers are provided: * Mach I microwave dryer introduces microwave technology from the inside to dry the plastic.
It is reported that energy costs and drying times are reduced by 50% compared to traditional methods.
The dryer crystallizes PET during drying.
* The Dezat dryer does not use a desiccant bed.
The unit is easy to clean and takes less time to switch. NOVATEC INC.
Providing microprocessor
80-controlled dryer with diagnostic function
Role, alphanumeric, user-
Friendly information. Machine-
Installation Hopper/dryer packaging with capacity from 15 lbs/hour to 50 lbs/hour utilizes efficient double
Fully automatic regeneration Tower process. Floor-
The installed drying system has a capacity of 50 to 4000 cfm and a hopper capacity of 50 to 10,000 and above, with a range of standard functions and options.
The company\'s central dryer system is a multi-hopper and heater device that uses a single dryer and can customize the drying of different resins at the same time. The MCD-
1001 microprocessor controller with monitoring of 51 drying functions, clear corrective action information, menu allowing pre-programming of up to 10 different resin drying parameters, \"help\" key, access dryer with special password and energySAVE Benefits.
Plastic Auxiliary Equipment Company
A full set of dryers is provided, all with a double regeneration desiccant bed and a fully insulated Hopper.
Process Control Company
Production of a series of dryers and moulds for handling moisture absorption, non-moisture absorption and amorphous materials.
For dry moisture-absorbing materials, these energies
The efficient desiccant dryer has the following features: * closed-
The cyclic cooling of the regeneration cycle avoids the storage of water from the atmosphere, while cooling the bed after regeneration. * Co-current (downward)
The flow of dry and regenerated air avoids the possibility of lifting or streaming desiccant particles, which results in air bypass and particle wear. Co-
The current design avoids the dew point generated by the counterCurrent system
* Discharge the hot exhaust gas from the regeneration circuit through the heat exchanger, transfer half of the originally wasted heat to the active circuit, thus reducing the power requirement of the active heating circuit.
* Only 0 due to Hopper design.
6 cfm material per pound/hour.
* Heater box design results are cool, external-
Housing temperature and minimum heat loss.
It is reported that installing the dry air heater directly on the drying Hopper can save energy and provide more accurate temperature control.
* It is said that the insulated desiccant tower can save energy and minimize the time required for initial heatingup.
The company also carries a single line. stage, hot-
Air drying system for handling non-moisture-absorbing materials.
They are often used as lowcost, first-
High-stage drying system
Rate treatment of moisture-absorbing materials.
For amorphous PET particles or waste materials, the company provides HC Series molds designed to continuously stir the material during the crystalline process, thus preventing resin reunions.
These patented Vertical molds provide the same energy
The efficient design features the above dryer.
Regency sales offers a dehumidifier that is said to simplify the drying process. A 10-
The 15-year sieve drying bed bonded with ceramic paper provides clean-
Dry low dew point (-40 C)
No help from the cooler.
The empty rate of the drying bed is very high, characterized by lowpressures loss.
The innovative low back pressure and no channeling of the drying system reduces the required time by up to 30%.
TEW electric heating equipment (USA)INC.
Offers 6 models of Hopper dryers with uniform heat distribution, accurate temperature controller with capacity ranging from 25 lbs/h to 880 lbs/h.
Vacuum cleaner accessories are available.
Also provided a pair
Desiccant to reduce moisture, regenerative dehumidifier-40 C dewpoint.
Equipped with a snake cooler and a 110 pound double
Insulation Hopper. THORESON-McCOSH, INC.
Complete Series resin dryers available in 3 basic series and 36 models.
* There are 16 models of TD series desiccant dryers with airflow from 2000 cfm, with index, 3-
Closed Bed Design
Process air loop.
Design allowed in-
Process air loop.
Design allowed in-process cool-
Under the regeneration bed, restore the remaining regeneration heat and cooling time with a dry process flow instead of ambient air.
The Tech II microprocessor control is available for all TD dryers.
Control includes 7-
Daily timer with spare battery, dryer operation parameter display, alarm and system-
Operational diagnosis.
* There are 9 sizes of refrigeration or \"R\" series dryers from 2000 cfm.
The unit removes moisture in the process flow by passing the air through the regrigerant coil and by condensing any moisture that exceeds the saturated air temperature.
The temperature of the evaporated coil must be maintained at a temperature above freezing point, which results in a discharge dew point of about 45 F.
When the air is heated to a typical drying temperature, a relative humidity of 1% or less is generated, and in addition to the most moisture-absorbing material, all materials are effectively dried.
The \"R\" dryer is particularly effective for materials such as dinates that release plasticizer.
* There are 11 sizes for HotAir or \"H\" series dryers, with a airflow of cfm for 2000.
They heat and circulate air through resin to remove any surface moisture for non-moisture-absorbing materials.
They are commonly used to remove condensate from materials brought into warm plants from the cold storage outdoors.
All dryers match the hopper and are designed to expose the resin evenly to dry air.
General Power
Manufacture a complete range of material dryers including its DHD series dehumidifying Hopper dryers with flow airflow up to 3000 cfm and low dew point-40 F.
The unit has the least moving parts and is fast
Convenient Access clip (
After a few minutes)
Regeneration heater, process heater and desiccant bed.
Using the heater packaging of table elements, double
The wall structure and insulation materials are designed for safety and efficiency.
Very low tubular heater
Watt density, increase the life of the heater.
When a single heater fails, multiple elements allow the heater to operate.
The DHD series has completed a state-of-the-art Omni II-
Microprocessor control.
Advanced closureloop Omni II-
The X control is available as an option.
Both controls have SPI communication protocol capabilities.
The capacity of the Hopper ranges from 300 to 12,000.
The company also produces a series of dehumidifier and thermal dehumidifier
Air drying system. WALTON-STOUT, INC.
Manufacture dehumidifier with microprocessor controller.
Standard features include :*-40 F.
* Electronic temperature control. * Process-
Air filter with Cyclone cartridge and filter cartridge.
* Cycle time of 8, 12 and 16 hours.
* No moving parts except four
Valve in blower.
* Hopper clean-
Outside door and large view glass. * Eighty-
The hopper capacity ranges from five to 3000 cfm sizes up to 12,000 lbs.
There are larger sizes to choose from. * Direct-drive fans -
No belt, no pulley.
* Only desiccant located inside the tower.
All heaters are located in separate boxes. * Process-
The air heater installed externally is a drawer-
Type, slide in and out.
Provides a complete graphical display based on the control panel.
The panel controls and monitors all dryer functions. Process-
Manually select the air temperature and then maintain it accurately with solids-
State electronic temperature control.
Also produce hot
Air dryer and preloader unit for non-moisture-absorbing materials from 85 to 3000 cfm.
Solid units-
State electronic temperature control.
The process heater installed externally is a drawer-
Type the type of slide in and out.
All units are accessible from the outside with direct
Compact design to drive fans.
Complete hotline available
Air and desiccant drying system with microprocessor
Based on temperature control.
The company\'s HA series is hot-
The range of air dryers used to handle non-moisture-absorbing materials ranges from 30 to 1000 cfm.
The SB, WD, and DB series dehumidifiers range in sizes from 12 to 1000 cfm and are equipped with a double fixed dehumidifying bed to ensure that the dehumidifying air flows continuously to the product.
What can also be used to complete the system is from 50-to 6000-
Post pound capacity
Coolers, pneumatic conveying equipment, mixers and other related materials
Processing accessories. THE WITTE CO. , INC.
Fluid that provides continuous vibration-
The bed dryer consists of a fully enclosed container and a porous-
Conveying surface. The porous-
The conveying surface allows air or gas to pass through the vibrating bed of the material, which results in maximum air contact with the surface of the particles for efficient drying while still maintaining the first
Keep it first.
Other important features are \"easy to clean\" and gentle handling of the product.
The product is treated so gently that the degradation of particles is zero to negligible.
The company maintains a test lab that collects dry data for linear ratio sizes
Up, no further extrapolation needed to be complete for the design
Scale production equipment. WYSSMONT CO. , INC.
Turbo of the company-
The dryer has only two moving parts: the tray/shelf assembly and the fan assembly, all of which rotate independently in a fixed sealed enclosure.
Wet feed into turbine-
The dryer flows through the feeding trough on the roof of the enclosure into the first shelf.
The shelf is round and cut
Center and radial slots.
The shelf is firmly mounted on the internal support frame to form a vertical stack that rotates slowly as a unit.
The material flows into each shelf from the top shelf to form a pile.
The rotation of the pallet/shelf Assembly passes the newly formed piles through a fixed blade group to make the piles horizontal and fill the tray at an even height.
At the end of the rotation, the tray segment encounters a second set of fixed blades for wiping the material on the tray.
When the tray continues to rotate, the material is fixed by wiper blades.
The material flows through the radial slot to the shelf below where the cycle is repeated.
The material develops down from the shelf to the shelf through the dryer and is discharged through the chute at the bottom of the shell.
Air or other dry media is fed into the turbine-
Dryer through the side
Vertical manifold with control damper installed.
The air movement inside the dryer is provided by a centrifugal fan mounted on a single vertical shaft.
The fan assembly is installed in the center of the shelf assembly, independent of the rack rotation.
The drying medium leaves the dryer through the roof exhaust. The Turbo-
The dryer housing surrounds and supports tray/shelf and fan assembly.
The housing also supports the fixing parts of the dryer, wiper and level, consisting of metal frames and insulated side panels, roof and bottom.
It is completely sealed.
Turbo heater
The dryer can be installed in the internal space between the shelf and the housing or in the airsupply systems.
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