resin dryers.

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Vacuum and fluid
Clothes dryers including Rota-
Vertical rotary vacuum dryer, horizontal Rotary vacuum dryer, Forberg-
II flow dryer.
Focus on packaging systems including heaters and vacuum pumps, as well as high temperature vacuum PET solids-National equipment. AEC, INC. Hot-
The air dehumidifying drying system has off-the-
Shelf microprocessor
Based on temperature control. HA series hot-air dryers (30 to 3000 cfm)
For processing non
Moisture absorbing material.
WD series electric and gas dehumidifier for drying moisture-absorbing materials (10 to 3000 cfm)feature -40 F dewpoint (or lower)
Run using a double fixed desiccant bed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted flow of dehumidified air.
Compact mini-WDMR seriesdryers (10 to 50 cfm)
Designed for operation in a high humidity environment.
All clothes dryers are designed for easy use and use-of-the-
Monitor the artistic control of drying.
Provide SPI and other communication protocols. Mass-
Flow series drying Hopper from 25-to 16,000-
Lb capacity has Tank and cone geometry that promotes real quality
Flow of all materials including paper grinding.
The specially designed air distribution system provides true crossover
Segmented temperature gradient without channeling or airflow bypass.
The Hopper can be a machinemounted, floor-
Installation or mezzanine-mounted.
Multi-Hopper drying system for central drying applications. T-series (built by Dri-Air Industries)
For the machine, the trolley and floor Mount provides a large capacity in the case of a small footprint.
There are two or four desiccant beds.
More than 25 basic models can accommodate hundreds of different dryers/hoppers and multiple
Hopper configuration.
Features include all-stainless-
Steel structure and optional multiplehopper banks.
The device has two control systems to choose from, both of which are based on desiccant monitoring dryer operation
The relationship between bed temperature and time or dew point.
The valve is operated by electric rather than compressed air.
Options include the use of advanced controllers for multiple thermocouple s that prevent excessive drying and material degradation.
Portable drying and conveyor system (10-225 cfm)
Provide maximum flexibility and efficiency in a compact design, and control the drying and delivery of materials.
International Electric Power Corporation of America
Offers 6 models of Hopper dryers with uniform heat distribution, accurate temperature controller with capacity ranging from 25 lbs/h to 880 lbs/h. Dust-
Collector attachments are available. Also a double-
Desicant, which can reduce moisture-40 F dewpoint.
Equipped with a snake cooler and 110-lb double-
Insulation Hopper.
Auto load General Power Co. , Ltd.
See General powerLOUIS P. BATSON INC.
Provides a range of desiccant dryers capable of drying materials
40f dew point with high efficiency blower.
Hopper size from 60-
The process temperature is 100 F at 300 lbs. BRY-Air Systems DivisionOF BRY-AIR, INC.
Resin dehumidifier and heat
Air dryer for extrusion, injection and blow molding applications. Desiccant-
Based on the range of dehumidifier from 20 to 5000 cfm, including the \"groove bed\" desiccant technology.
Options include digital indicator, diagnosis, central drying system, rear
For additional energy saving, the cooling coils and heaters are installed on the Hopper.
To improve energy efficiency, larger units include gas regeneration and heat recovery coils.
Also in a single dehumidifying powder drying systemor multiple-
Mass production.
Wet removal system of mold (MDS)
Designed to eliminate mold condensation during high humidity.
Surround the mold shell with dry, dehumidifying air, MDS-
3 The system allows the injection and blow molding machine to shorten the cooling cycle time by 30%. BAS \"Smart-
The standard configuration for all FDL series resin dryers is the \"dry\" diagnostic package.
Package offer 7-
Daily timer, monitoring the dew point, process and regeneration temperature, return air temperature, process and regeneration blower and alarm function that may affect the drying process.
Can be monitored in the dryer or remotely.
Cactus Machinery Co. , Ltd.
5 Size cactus Super dryer for processing engineering resin to 150 lbs/hr within 30 minutes of start-upup.
Bulk alternatives
The cactus system is a continuous desiccant drying system.
A small amount of resin is heated quickly, forcing moisture into the surface of the particles. Compressed air-
The power Wenzhu produces airflow through the resin, conveying surface moisture from the resin. Low-
It is reported that the power consumption of the wattage heater belt is 80% lower than that of similar desiccant dryers.
Maintenance is almost eliminated due to the absence of moving parts.
Microprocessor control keeps accurate constant temperature inside the dryerquality parts.
Pre-drying is not required.
Manufacturing Products Canada
The thermal plastic dryer uses the application of radiation conduction heat to accelerate the drying process for the processing of molding or extruder for materials up to 50 lbs/h.
Carrier vibration equipment for drying particles of various sizes and types, providing 12-in. x 15-ft, 1-hp stainless-
Steel conveying dryers with unit and cover insulation and low profile can be matched with online equipment.
Control the air temperature and volume to maintain the mass of the particles.
Used to dry PET fragments during bottle recycling, providing twoStainless steel area
2x10 ft, 2-hp, fluid-
Bed dryer with auxiliary equipment including steam coil, noise Fader, vacuum cleaner, sliding door, Valve and discharge devicedrum covers.
Control the air temperature and volume to dry the chip to the specified level and prevent melting or melting. CARTER-Day Industry (CANADA)LTD.
Rotary centrifugal dryer for cost
Effective drying of flakes or particles.
The capacity is from 100 lbs/h to 110,000 lbs/h and dry to less than 0 moisture levels. 05%.
The dryer strengthens the rotorlifter-
Flat plate design for extended rotor life.
Log Lift-
The blade spacing in the rotor design increases the particle residence time and enhances the drying;
And horizontal air
The flow forces the water and air through the screen instead of discharging the particles.
The unit requires minimal space, low horsepower, and is designed for continuous, uninterrupted production.
Accessories include dehydration, wet-
Air Heater, internal Flushing spray system, hardened rotor, particles-
Free Rotor and low
Noise construction.
COMET Automation Systems Co. , Ltd.
Series SD clothes dryer for 15-100 lb/hr.
The double desiccant bed provides low dew point-
40f with full automatic regeneration cycle. Space-
Save construction permit-
Machine or independent installation. Solid-
State temperature control enhances reliability.
The construction of the dryer makes all the metal in contact with the plastic stainless steel
Prevent corrosion pollution.
In addition, LTA Series III
Bed dryer for drying resin at a rate of 250-3500 lb/hr.
All dryers are equipped with an optional Allen Bradley control and SPI communication protocol. Sensi-
The dry weighing dryer installs the dry Hopper on the load cell, which can detect the weight of the Hopper and its contents. Allen-
The Bradley controller periodically polls the load cell for weight information to determine the speed at which the material is removed from the dry hopper.
This ability to control the feed speed of the Hopper actually eliminates the degradation of the material, ensuring that the material does not remain in the hopper for a long time. Sensi-
Man-Machine Interface can also be dry (MMI). Windows-
Based on the 95/98 interface, the operator can set and adjust the parameters of the dryer and conveying system on site.
The HCD honeycomb matrix dehumidifier adopts the principle of \"rotating honeycomb.
\"The rotor turns slowly, while repeating the cycle of de-wet, regeneration and cooling.
The \"wheel\" has a series of air channels or channels that form a matrix.
The paassage inside the wheel is coated with a strongly combined sieve and silicone.
When the honeycomb matrix wheel is in contact with the wet air, it will absorb moisture;
When the wheel is heated, it releases moisture.
The system has a drying capacity of 50 to 600 lbs/hour. CDH hot-
The air dryer can be used to dry most moisture-absorbing materials, and it is good to use as a pre-heater for non-moisture-absorbing materials.
It is also designed to dry particles directly on the machine to eliminate the contamination or re-absorption of moisture during delivery.
The unit is made of stainless steel and has only one blower and one heater that can be connected to the existing dehumidifier.
The size range is 15 to 200 lbs/hour.
The CONAIR clothes dryer and drying system have multiple conveyor belts-
Installed desiccant box and real closure
Cycle drying and desiccant cooling.
New small dryer designed to meet throughput requirements of up to 100 lbs/hour is compact in structure, with minimal floor space, small enough for throat --
Installed next to the hopper.
Proprietary microprocessor controls are standard and optional enhanced versions can be provided as needed.
Backlit LCD digital display (
2x20 characters)
Displays information such as Operation Status, setting parameters, diagnostics, alarm logs, event logs, etc. Medium-
The rotary table dehumidifier of size includes value-
Pricing basic unit of standard off-the-
Shelf controller.
Options include luxury microprocessor controller with 40-
Vacuum fluorescent display of characters
Time clock and added an adjustable high
The temperature of the process thermal circuit is closed safely.
All products provide throughput of 100 to 350 lbs/hr.
The control allows a simple setting of the process temperature from 160 F to 375 F.
Dew point monitoring and energy-
You can also add the save function.
The turntable dryer can also be configured as a mobile drying/Conveyor (MDC)
Hopper, dryer and material-
Deliver the blower, all mounted on the mobile platform for flexible and quick material replacement.
Series d mdc model delivers resin to process by desiccant
Dry air to prevent moisture.
Large CD dryer for highthroughput (
450 to 3000/hour)
Special and central drying applications.
Designed using a patented carousel, truly closedloop desiccant-
Clothes dryers, CD dryers provide energy-
Efficient, Spike
Free drying of moisture-absorbing plastic to-40-Degree dew pointCDG gas-
Compared to electric dryers of similar size, the combustion dryer saves up to 70% of energy.
High-efficiency ceramic fiber matrix, flame-free radiant gas burner by high-efficiency air heating process and recycled airto-
Air heat exchanger.
Combustion air is never in contact with process or recycled air.
An independent GasTrac gas
The process of burning the air heater can convert any dryer into a gas heating.
Combine drying and conveying techniques
For small-to medium-
The ResinWorks system integrates central drying units, hoppers, loaders, conveyor lines and pumps, as well as heater, blower, filter and proprietary microprocessor control.
All components are designed to work together and installed on a modular sled that is easy to transport and install. Hot-
The air dryer is suitable for removing surface moisture and preheating non-moisture-absorbing materials at temperatures up to 250 F.
There are five models available to handle throughput from 200 to 3000 lbs/hour.
Five models of mold are provided for adjusting PET resin.
A gas or electrical model can change the material from an amorphous state to a crystalline state at a speed of 500 to 4000 lb/hour.
The modular design allows for complete disassembly and cleaning. DRI-
Aviation Industry Corporation
Desiccant dryers and drying systems with a throughput of 10 to 500 lbs/hour. Arid-
The X dryer series is an industrial standard double desiccant bed dryer that provides continuous40 F dewpoint. HP4-
High X series
Achievable performance four desiccant bed dryer-60 F dewpoints.
Both series include automatic regeneration. Arid-X and FHP4-
X series available-Install nextthe-
News and portable models with one or two hoppers.
Portable system with optional off function
A cyclic loading system, including a single bag filter, controller and blower integrated on the frame of the general cast floor. Press-
The installed Hopper is eliminated and replaced by a small, filter-free receiver. Dual-
Hopper system for quick material replacement and openingthe-fly processing. Off-the-
Press drying/mixing system for Virgin, re-grinding and pigment.
Designed for rapid changethe-
Flying ratio changes.
Placing the drill bit under the Hopper eliminates the hopper full of Premix.
Safe microprocessor control function
Temperature regeneration (
Temperature based)
And based on dew and time. Built-in -
40 F dew point monitor and automatic seven-day timer.
It also has the SPI protocol function for machine communication.
Economic resin dryer (ERD)
Is a patented new method of drying resin, which takes advantage of the inherent
Low dew point of compressed air produces low-cost and low-
Maintenance of drying system.
Dry air temperature does not fluctuate because no desiccant regeneration is required, so it is possible to keep each resin close to the optimum drying temperature without excessiveheating.
There are three standard size ranges for ERDs--
Baby, junior and advanced--
Handle from 2 lbs/hr to 3000 lbs.
The system uses heat recovered from the compressor or waste gas recovered from the blow molding machine to provide additional savings.
The system can be dedicated to a machine or centralized.
Most important machine manufacturer company
Dehumidifier provides continuous, uniform heat, bone-
Dry air through plastic material.
Low unit realization
Water level, improve product quality, increase productivity, and energy
Efficient and easy to service. Hot-
Air dryer designed for surface drying and grinding such as PP and polyurethane.
Various hopper sizes are determined according to throughput requirements. New twin-
The tower dryer has a separate blower and filter for processing and regeneration circuits, and the switch is optional (time/dewpoint)
Cycle control, standard PLC logic control with digital temperature and dew point controller, size from 100-
3000 cfm ,. . . . . .
40f or lower, double
Stage craft air filter, tubular insulated heater, full range Hopper from 100 to 10,000, capacity and optional high
The temperature of the water is wrapped to the cooler after the air is returned.
The centrifugal dryer can handle thermoplastic and elastic materials up to 150,000 lbs/hour.
The drying process is carried out in three stages.
Dehydration stage 90-
95% of the water is removed by impact and gravity.
The vertical pre-stripping screen provides a large screen area in a small space.
In the impact stage, the product is spiraled up from the bottom of the rotor area and the water content is reduced to between 0. 5-1. 0%.
When dry air passes through the spiral product, the final stage occurs in the upper part of the rotor area.
Surface moisture of 0.
The most smooth and warm products can reach 05%.
Clothes Dryer with stainless steel
Stellar building, pellets-
Free Rotor, quick cleaning, low noise, only a small area is required for installation.
Options include block catcher, exhaust blower, entrance and exit check window, wear-out-
Heavy-resistant coating
The working structure of grinding polymer, air heater, safety lock door system and particle water tank.
Grenberg oven pellet dryer up to 500 degrees F, uniform [+ or -]9[degrees]
F on the truckload or shelf-load design.
Standard stainless steel
Steel upholstery, continuous welding pads and HEPA filtration to prevent contamination.
Optional explosion
Designed and customized.
Hamilton AVTEC
Accudry dehumidifier and 2000 series heat for key drying applications-
Air dryer for non-moisture absorption applications.
Ten models of automatic desiccant dryer using molecules
A sieve desiccant that captures moisture in a closed drying system.
Several Desiccant boxes are provided, which are regularly indexed to the regeneration cycle.
Programmable microprocessor control provides LCD messages for initial settings, performance data, and alarm conditions. Hot-
Air dryer with integrated stainless steelsteel-
Lining drying Hopper installed on the processing machine. Floor-
Installation models are available.
Depending on the type of material, the drying range provided by the seven models ranges from a few lbs/h to more than 1000 lbs/h. An air-
To improve the drying efficiency, the flow regulator balances the blower cfm. IMS CO.
Four Hopper dryers used on the press include lowcost, hot-
Air devices used with non-moisture-absorbing materials that can be used in multiple presses. Refrigerant-
Type dryer suitable for many moisture absorbing materials.
Desiccant and compression-
Consistent low dew point air type dryer.
Various convection and forced air
Types of drying furnaces are also provided. K-
Tron america resin dryer with dry hopper ensures constant-
Dew point air or below 40 F. Precision air-
Temperature control to maintain [accuracy]+ or -]2[degrees]F.
Early warning system reduces downtime.
Optional dew point control system for dew point quality and energy saving. LABOTEK INC.
Desiccant dryer/loader (DDL)
Combine loading, desiccant drying and automatic regeneration in a compact unit.
Floor available-
Installation control panel with graphics and light signal display function.
The residual water dropped to 0.
Achieved 02%.
Low power operation with Hopper-magnet shut-
The slide valve is closed, and the discharge valve is easy to replace the material with nine sizes. Also DDL-
Dry PET bottle resin to HT with a moisture content of 0. 002%.
Mobile desiccant dryer/loader (DDM)
The dryer, desiccant, automatic regeneration and drying materials are automatically transported to the processing machine using pre-drying hot air.
Special discharge port fittings can be used as the level control of the process machine Hopper.
DDM can supply power to two processing machines at the same time.
Con in three sizes-Evator three-
Stage Hopper loader.
Central clothes dryer (DCD)
Dry one or more granular materials to less than 0.
Use a central power supply group of six sizes to maintain 02% moisture in one or more dry hoppers.
The Hopper has a separate heater and temperature controller that can dry different materials at the same time. Conti-Crystallizer (CC)
Fully automatic continuous mold designed for amorphous PET and re-grinding, compact in structure, easy to operate, built-inin conveyor.
The device has PLC control with touch function
Sensitive operation monitor for displaying information-to-
Understand the information.
The conveying Hopper has liquid level control to ensure that the crystal amount of each batch of raw materials is equal.
Crystal Hopper insulated with air dispenser and heavy duty-
The working mixing screw that keeps the material moving constantly ensures that it is not blocked or blocked.
Littleford day
Dryer and drying system for resin powder, pigment, granules and other particles, combined with mixing, processing and reaction.
The cone-day Nauta processor/mixer drying system can handle up to 1400 cu ft/batch.
Jacket, vacuum or pressure design is available.
Leyton brothers
Three standard electric heating, re-heating drying furnaces including model 1330-1-T3, 12-
Small laboratory units with an average capacity of 100 lbs; Model 1330-2-T3, medium 24-
Pallet unit with 200-
Lb average capacity; and Model 1330-5-T3, 40-
Pallet unit with capacity of 600.
The standard system includes indication of temperature to 350 F, timer and high limit.
Options for customizing the oven according to the process include a desiccant system, a dew point instrument, a tape recorder, a cooler, and filtration.
Custom industrial oven for drying, PTFE sintering, aging and curing
Heating, decoration, annealing and thermoforming.
Maguire Products Co. , Ltd.
New LPD of the company (
Low pressure drying)
The vacuum dryer uses a vacuum to accelerate the drying of the resin and to dry the material at one time
Time of desiccant dryer.
The test shows that the energy consumption is reduced by 70-
80% because the vacuum dryer is not dependent on desiccant.
Other benefits include fewer filters, fewer temperature probes, fewer side channel blowers, and the elimination of water coolers and dew point probes.
Another key benefit of vacuum drying is that reducing drying time can reduce the risk of material degradation.
Matsui United States limited
The DMZ drying system has a continuously rotating and regenerated desiccant rotor, which continuously provides fresh desiccant for handling.
Therefore, the supply of stable, low dew point air greatly improves the performance of the dryer.
The main benefits include short drying time (PC in 1. 5 hr)
The drying performance is better and the material changes faster;
Life-long desiccant eliminates bad products and expensive downtime from changing and changing the bed;
And high standards
High quality stainless steel
Steel dry hopper, rear cooler and microprocessor control.
The system has reportedly reduced energy consumption by 15% to 45%.
The new heat conduction/vacuum dryer dries the resin in one hour, reducing the energy cost by 50%, reducing mold maintenance by eliminating harmful film, and reducing the footprint by 50% compared to the traditional desiccant dryer. MECH-
Electronics Industry Corporation
The size of the PET mold and dehumidifier ranges from 500/hour to 3000/hour and is easy to adapt to other resins.
A crystalline mixer designed and manufactured to reduce reunion and fines. Direct-drive, all-
Screw gear Mada and lubed-for-
High life shaft bearing
Very low energy efficiency and maintenance.
The dryer is usually in-70 F to -
55 F dew point, allowing for the least amount of time and temperature for efficient drying, with little or no loss of I loss. V.
The microprocessor PLC logic and PID temperature control, air failure and overheating safety switch and hourly meter are standard.
Provide SPI protocol. Extra-
Heavy duty Hopper has a calibrated air distribution system for uniform drying and resistance to material dirt, thick insulation for low energy loss, carefully crafted interior to facilitate consistent material flow and reduce build-up, RF
Level sensor. MILACRON, INC.
The dehumidifier production line of plastic Technology Group is a machine
Installation, portable or floor-
Installed with air
Flow ratings from 25 to 2500 cfm.
Modular insulated stainless steel
Steel Hopper that meets the requirements, designed for balanced flow of dry air.
Aluminum mounting castings and sliding doors at the throat are also included.
Microprocessor control functions include large digital display of set and actual temperature, alarm code and cam-
Loop order code.
Solid for unit use-
Bed design and lowwatt-
Density Calrod heater.
Options include high
Temperature package (300-400 F), hopper-Installation process-
Air heater and preheating coil.
Hopper options include drawer magnet, vacuum suctionoff, and low-level alarm. MOTAN, INC.
Luxor central dryer provides advanced PLC control with users
Friendly touch screen operating interface.
The screen includes a diagnostic menu and a trend chart.
Double dessicant bed for equipment, dew-
Control bed switch and off-
Circulating cooling allows continuous low dew point operation.
The system can operate up to 20 drying boxes.
The drying box allows the material to dry independently and uses the pattented ETA technology to save energy and improve efficiency.
The temperature independently controlled at each bin, or centrally controlled with the drying organizer, provides an intelligent controlled drying process. Under-or over-
Prevent drying of resin.
FlexSide press-
Side dry system (PLC controlled)range from 30-
120 lb/hour, modular design with one, two or three bins on the portable frame.
Can be ordered by integrated delivery system.
Both central and FlexSide products have drying systems specifically for clean room molding applications such as CD/DVD or medical care. NOVATEC, INC. Compressed-
Available at NovaDrier air-
40f dew point air without desiccant or moving parts.
The device provides instant low dew point air and a consistent process temperature. Any compressed-
Air source can be accepted;
No cold or dry air is required.
A wide range of standard desiccant dryers and Hopper configurations and custom systems.
Electro-mechanical control with solid
Standard state PID Temperature Controller.
One option for the new NovaTouch touch --
A panel PLC control or microprocessor controller is available. Machine-or floor-
Installation of micro-drying system with capacity from 15 lbs/hour to 50 lbs/hour utilizes double
Fully automatic regeneration Tower process.
Modular stainless steel
The steel hopper is standard for insulated or non-insulated versions.
Optional microprocessor control available with 40-
The LCD displays letter numbers of characters.
Series of self-
Portable drying and conveying system with closure
15-supply cycle material delivery and JIT vacuum receiver, 25-and 50-
Lb/hr configuration.
Large units up to 500/hour. Floor-
The installed drying system has a capacity from 50 lbs to 4000 lbs/hr and a hopper capacity from 200 lbs to more than 20,000 lbs, with the option of an optional microprocessor or PLC controller. Top-of-the-
Line microprocessor has 80-
Monitor 51 character letter digital vacuum fuzzy displays showing the drying function of verbal information and corrective actions.
Other features include the help key, pass-
Code Access and quick access
Set menu, allowing pre-programming of drying parameters for up to 10 different resins.
Complete central drying system series from 40 to 4000/hour for custom drying of multiple materials at different temperatures and throughput.
Central dryer guaranteed-
Dew point air via custom 40 FClosed design
A series of circulating air distribution manifold systems for multiple hoppers, each equipped with a heather/blower assembly.
Each heater/blower provides separately heated dehumidifying process air to the dedicated Hopper and can be isolated or put into use as needed.
Plastic Processing Equipment Co. , Ltd.
R134 refrigeration available
Type desiccant Hopper dryer and accessories.
The digital temperature controller provides PID control.
For safety reasons, the blower switch interlock keeps the fan running before the heater is started.
It is used to dry various materials with a rated power of 5280 Btu/hr.
The pressurized heating chamber is unable to balance the filtered air, which makes the heating coil not overheat. Units are full-
Size and provide continuous air.
Process Control Company
Low launch
Dew point desiccant dryer for injection and blow molding machine.
Regent Sales Co. , Ltd.
The dehumidifier has multiple screens to dry the bed, which gives cleaning
Dry low dew point (-40 F)
No help from the cooler.
The cavity rate of the drying bed is high and the pressure drop is small.
Circulating vacuum
The type system accelerates drying to less than two hours on moisture-absorbing materials such as polycarbonate. STERLCO DIV. /STERLING, INC.
Portable and flooring available now
Vertical dryer and Hopper.
Stoxx vacuum
Batch vacuum dryers and auxiliary equipment include heating system, steam condenser, vacuum pump and controller.
Cone vacuum reactor for solid
Upgrade the working capacity to Level iv pet, PEN, tb of 775 cu ft.
Certified by ISO 9001.
Sunspots Products Co. , Ltd. Quick-Dry small-
The batch dryer can dry up to four materials at a time.
Expand the production of existing desiccant dryers. THORESON-MCCOSH INC.
The resin dryer series that matches the Hopper exposes the resin evenly to dry air, including the TD series desiccant dryer, with a total of 17 models and airflow from 2000 to 6.
Index of unit features, three-
Closed Bed Designair circuit.
Design allowed in-
The process cooling time of the regeneration bed, recovery of the remaining regeneration heat and cooling time with the drying process flow instead of ambient air.
There are seven optional Tech II microprocessor controls
Daily timer with spare battery, display of operating parameters, alarm and system-
Operational diagnosis. H series hot-
Air dryer of 11 sizes, airflow from cfm 2000.
The unit heats and cycles air through resin to remove any surface moisture for non-moisture-absorbing materials.
It is usually used to remove condensate from materials brought into warm plants from outdoor cold storage.
General PowerA CO. OF MANN[+]
DHD of Hummel Group and [PCT. sub. 2]
Series dchumidifying Hopper dryer with process airflow 3000 cfm, low dew point,100 F (
Average dew point-60 F)
Pulse cooling technology.
At least the moving parts of the unit;
The clip provides easy and quick access to the regeneration heater, process heater and desiccant bed.
The heater package is designed to be safe and efficient, using tubular elements, double
Wall construction and insulation to minimize power consumption.
Tube heater with low power
Watt density increases heater life.
Multiple electrical heater elements provide redundancy to extend the life of the heater.
The DHD series is equipped with PLC controllers.
In addition, there are two extended microprocessor controls.
All microprocessor controls feature functions such as SPI communication protocol, patented material protection, digital dew point monitoring, and multi-level password protection.
Most controllers have power options ranging from 208 v to 575 v for 50 or 60 cycles.
The capacity of the Hopper ranges from 300 to 25,000. Gas-fired DHD and [PCT. sub. 2]
Clothes dryers are also available.
There are four types of UDC Series dehumidifying Hopper dryers, ranging from 30 to 150 cfm.
Standard features include microprocessor control, material protection function for automatic temperature recovery to maintenance level, stainless steel
Steel, aluminum internal assembly, mirror stainless steel exterior, digital dew point monitor and SPI communication protocol.
The standard configuration includes a Hopper bracket, a floor bracket located in the dryer housing with a process air heater, or a floor bracket with a process air heater mounted remotely on the Hopper for optimal efficiency.
The drying unit complements the modular Hopper and creates a modular drying system in a variety of configurations in combination.
Low dew point GS series, double
The bed desiccant dryer is an operation and maintenance friendly system with FC microprocessor control, ensuring versatility, simplicity and reliability.
The dryer is designed for quick start and quick shipment.
The GS economy portable dry and dry air delivery system with FC microprocessor control allows for quick setup and start-up.
Units include seven
Clock and material protection function.
All parts are easily accessible and the unit can be fixed as an auxiliary partthe-
Machine dryer or mounted on frame and beam holder with five-
Easy Taxi system for light wheels.
All stainless steel, solid cones and seamless interior of the TSC drying Hopper for quick material replacement.
The system can also be used in conjunction with dry air delivery packaging using an automatic loading minimum inventory loader.
The drying capacity ranges from 20 lbs/h to 250 lbs/H, and the drying temperature ranges from 1400 F to 3500 F.
The AutoDry series Hopper dryer has no moving parts and is easy to install and operate. Self-
Contains units with a temperature range from 100 F to 375 F, operating voltages of 120 and 230 V, and Hopper sizes ranging from 20 to 120.
The equipment uses a small amount of factory compressed air to dry the resin.
The gas bag retrofit kit will convert expensive power equipment to low
Cost of natural gas.
The unit is a simple bolton system.
The metal burner is designed for extended life.
Does not affect the operation of existing dryers.
Gas packs are available from 200 to 4000 scfm/8 KW.
The standard temperature range of these devices ranges from 175 F to 250 F, high-
The temperature is 375 F.
Desiccant dryer with microprocessor controllerpoints of -40 F;
Electronic Temperature control; process-
Air filter with cyclone;
Cycle rate of 8, 12 and 16/hour;
No moving parts except two or four
Pass valve and blower; hopper clean-
Door outside and huge glass for sightseeing;
20 to 4000 cfm size range with Hopper capacity of 25,000; direct-drive fans;
The position of desiccant inside the tower and heater in a separate box; and drawer-type process-
Air heater installed externally.
Control and monitor all dryer functions based on the control panel and provide a graphical presentation. Process-
Air temperature manually selected and maintained using solids-
State electronic temperature control. Also hot-
Air dryer and preloader unit for non-moisture-absorbing materials from 85 to 4000 cfm.
Solid units-
State electronic temperature control.
The process heater installed externally is a drawer-
Type the type of slide in and out.
All units are compact and accessible from the outside with directdrive fan. THE WITTE CO. , INC.
Vibration fluid-
A bed, continuous dryer/cooler that provides rapid drying and/or cooling.
Vibration of the dryer, plus fluid-
The design of the bed provides a unit that is not sensitive to the exact airflow or the depth of the bed, while still providing the \"firstin-first-out\" flow.
Other features include easy to clean, negligible maintenance, and mild treatment products that are basically free from particle degradation. WITTMAN INC. Closed-
The cycle dryer is equipped with separate electric switch valves for each desiccant bed to avoid heat transfer between drying and regeneration cycles and to allow high efficiency and low dew point of the process. WYSSMONT CO. , INC. Turbo-
The dryer has only two moving parts: the tray/shelf assembly and the fan assembly, all of which rotate independently in a fixed sealed enclosure.
Wet feed into turbine-
The dryer flows through the feeding trough on the roof of the enclosure into the first shelf.
The shelves are round with cutting
Center and radial slots, rigid mounted on the internal support frame, form a vertical stack, slowly rotating as a unit.
The material flows into each shelf from the top shelf to form a pile.
The rotation of the pallet/shelf Assembly passes the pile through the fixed blade group to make the pile horizontal and fill the tray at an even height.
At the end of the rotation, the tray segment encounters a second set of fixed blades for wiping the material on the tray.
When the tray continues to rotate, the material is fixed by wiper blades.
It flows through the radial slot to the shelf below, where the cycle is repeated, then pushed down from the shelf to the shelf through the dryer, and finally through the chute at the bottom of the shell.
Air or other dry media is fed into the turbine-
Dryer through the side
Vertical manifold with control damper installed.
Air moves inside the dryer by a centrifugal fan mounted on a single vertical shaft.
The fan assembly is installed in the rack assembly and is independent of the rack rotation.
The drying medium leaves the dryer through the roof exhaust. Turbo-
Fully sealed dryer housing, enclosing and supporting tray/shelf and fan Assembly;
Support the fixing parts of the dryer, wiper and level;
It consists of metal frame and insulated side panel, roof and bottom.
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