return of the clinking milk bottle after dairy giant announces it will reverse plans to make all deliveries in plastic cartons

by:Petolar     2020-07-17
The familiar early morning glass bottle milk arriving at the door of the House will make a comeback under the new delivery plan.
British traditional dairy workers have been boosted by plans to reverse the situation by increasing delivery and putting milk back in glass bottles instead of plastic containers.
Multinational dairy giant Mueller has left his weight behind the door-to-door delivery of milk and plans to raise it & as part of its acquisition of Dairy Crest, it buys more services.
The Grocer said yesterday that The former owner, Dairy Crest, plans to close Hanworth Dairy in west London and review Milk & given The decline in The popularity of milk supply,
It plans to phase out all the milk in the glass bottle and sell only the milk in the plastic bottle.
But now Mueller has announced that it wants to reverse the plan, \"Revitalize and expand\" milk and more services to provide milk and other daily necessities to more than 600,000 families across the country.
Hanworth, founded in 1847, is one of the first dairy farms to introduce pasteurisation in 1912, and the closure of the dairy farm may provide future employment opportunities for up to 170 employees based there.
Miller said the announcement helped ensure the future of traditional British glass bottles, which have been delivered to the door for more than a century.
Milk and more businesses, which consist of 1,190 milk workers and women, and Hanworth Dairy products, will be integrated into a new single business.
Patrick Mueller said that when Mueller acquired Dairy business in Dairy Crest in December, we promised to make an informed decision as soon as possible to establish a sustainable fresh milk business in the UK, the head of the newly created milk and more departments told the grocery store owner.
This is an easy decision to make.
Milk & More is a great business driven by talented, dedicated and passionate staff who do what they do, Hanwell dairy is an integral part of the delivery business supply chain at the doorstep
We are confident that our suggestions will be welcomed by our customers and staff and we look forward to discussing the future with them.
Neil Garner of milk and more milk companies called the announcement \"brilliant news\" in 2016 \".
Ghana, 56, who has produced milk for 21 years in Watford, added: \"Our customers like fresh milk in glass bottles.
For many, they are just the full content of the door-to-door delivery service, and they think they are part of the UK agency, just like the milk workers and women who deliver.
\"Being a milkman means you\'re part of the community and that\'s an important reason why I love my job.
We know our customers, usually over the years, who rely on us to provide rain and shine.
For more than 100 years, milk has been delivered to homes all over the country in glass bottles, and I am glad that this great British communication system will continue.
The Grocer said that when Dairy Crest announced plans to phase out glass bottles in 2014, the processor noted that demand for glass bottles and home-delivered milk has dropped sharply in recent years.
In 2012, glass bottles accounted for only 4 of milk sales-
Well below 1975.
The company also said plastic is now more eco-friendly and more convenient for consumers than glass.
But the move sparked anger among consumers.
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