San Francisco moves closer to banning plastic water bottles

by:Petolar     2020-08-28
Laila KearneySAN in San Francisco (Reuters)-
On Tuesday, San Francisco took action to limit the sale of plastic bottles on urban properties, the first such action in major US citiesS.
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Reduction measures including the ban on the use of plastic bags.
The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to start gradually stopping the sale and distribution of water
Use plastic bottles in cities
Own or lease land next fall and ban the purchase of water bottles with city funds in the future.
\"The environmental costs of plastic water bottles are incredible,\" said David Chiu, director, who introduced the measure.
\"It takes 1,000 years for a typical plastic water bottle to be biodegradable.
\"Many cities in California and other states, including Maui County and some Hawaiian municipalities, have made it illegal for grocery stores to pack what consumers buy in plastic bags, A bill recently introduced in the State Council will extend such bans across the state.
San Francisco seems to be the first place to try to guide consumers not to use disposable water bottles, and environmental activists say disposable water bottles will be filled with landfill sites like grocery bags and washed into the sea as garbage.
Chiu, who proposed the measure, said bottled water restrictions would be in line with a range of actions, including the ban on plastic bags in 2007 and active city-wide recycling activities.
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Using water bottles can also lead to excessive reliance on fossil fuels, Chiu said.
\"In San Francisco, we have been fighting for our environment,\" Chiu said . \".
Tens of millions of water bottles are stored in landfill sites, recycling centers or oceans every year, he said.
Some sellers of water bottles have taken action to reduce plastic usage, but those who oppose them say it is not enough.
If the regulation is approved in the second reading next week and signed by Mayor Ed Lee, then city funds cannot be used to purchase bottled water, starting from October, all indoor activities held in public places will prohibit packaging of beverages.
By October 2016, the ban will apply to most outdoor activities, as well as food trucks and other mobile suppliers selling drinks on city streets. Non-
Profit sponsors of events that attract more than 250,000 attendees, including the city\'s famous gay pride parade, will be allowed to sell and distribute bottled water until January 2018.
After that, organizers can apply to the city for exceptions and sell bottled water in their functions.
Certain sporting events at city properties and San Francisco International Airport will also be excluded from the ban.
Critics of the measure, including the bottled water industry, say it is difficult to choose water as a healthy option if people are thirsty in public activities --
Especially if soda or other drinks are still being sold.
\"If people don\'t have reusable containers in front of them during the event, they will look for packaged drinks,\" said Christopher Hogan, a spokesman for the International Bottled Water Association, he did not know that such a ban would be imposed in other cities.
\"It really reduces the chances of people choosing the healthiest packaged drink-bottled water,\" he said . \".
But Chiu says the city will counter this by making it easier for people to refill the bottles they bring from home.
\"In contrast, people can take a refillable water bottle and put it under the tap and fill it up,\" Chiu said . \".
The measure will be submitted to Li\'s desk for final approval after the second procedural vote next week.
City officials said Li could not veto a regulation if it was approved twice. (
Editor of Sharon Bernstein and Lisa Shumaker)
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