seat mounted bicycle water bottle

by:Petolar     2020-10-16
When I have enough water to drink, I have been riding my bike longer.
The owner of the bottle holder on the seat tube is blocked by a special tool bag.
I decided to make a bottle stand hanging on the seat railing.
You can see the finished product in Step 14.
The required parts include the bottle holder, 1x2 inch loose short parts, two metal or wood screws about 1 inch long, 1/4x2 inch screws, self
Lock nut with optional gasket, as well as two steel, aluminum or PVC flat plates.
I chose to use PVC as I have more PVC than the right steel or aluminum.
See a piece of length at the widest distance between seat rails.
Cut two rectangles from PVC.
Adjust them to fit the bottom of the seat and the guide rail start parallel to the bend at the top of the seat.
Soften the debris with a hot gun.
I put PVC on the brick to avoid the fire of wood on the workbench.
I pressed the softened PVC between a piece of wood and a brick.
Hold until the PVC is firm again.
I want to grind the groove into PVC so that it doesn\'t move after installing and assembling the bottle holder.
I used the burrs tool in Dremel to manually cut the groove.
I want to make sure that the holes on the part are fully aligned.
Place the PVC block under the track on the track.
Align and drill a 1/4 hole in its precise center.
Slide the PVC block above the track in place.
The groove should pop up to the track.
Place the workpiece drilled in the previous step and use the hole as the guide to drill in the second workpiece.
The two holes will be perfectly aligned.
Cut 1x2 inch of pine trees into 3 1/2 long.
Mark the midpoint of its length.
Align the holes in PVC with this mark.
Mark 1x2 and insert the side shown on the right side into the PVC thickness. (
Another incision will be described later. )
I cut two corners at 45 degrees to clear the seat for a better look.
Guided by the holes on PVC, a 1/4 hole is drilled through 1 × 2.
After the next step is done, if the PVC fits its cut-out loosely, you can add a little hot glue.
The nut that connects the entire assembly needs its space to avoid conflict with the water bottle.
Also, the longest screw I use is only 2 inch.
I cut a gap in the minimum feasible depth.
I don\'t want to overweaken what\'s left in 1x2.
Pass the screw through the PVC mounted above the track.
Put it between the rails and turn it around for a quarter.
I painted 1x2 pine trees in black.
Add the second piece of PVC and 1x2.
Hold the screw head with an offset screwdriver.
Turn the lock nut until the part fits tightly, but do not tighten too much.
Flat washers can be used under nuts.
Keep the bottle holder above 1x2.
Mark the screw holes and drill bits.
Insert the screw through the bottle holder into 1x2.
Here you can see the water bottle holder that is installed and ready to use.
The PVC may bend a bit, especially when you hit a nice bump, but it stays where it belongs.
When I drink, I use the bottle installed on the lower tube.
When it was empty, I reached out and pulled the bottles out of the seat and then changed them.
This extra bottle has a big impact on me to finish my longer journey.
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