self-watering water bottle planter

by:Petolar     2020-10-18
Today, I want to teach you how to be a self.
Water bottles grow and water.
This device can grow plants indoors or outdoors.
What you need: waterpre-cut)
KnifeFirst, cut the bottle in half in a reasonable position so that the bottle and the straw are appropriate enough.
Next, fold the paper towel a few times and roll it tightly so it can fit into the water bottle.
Then, stick the paper towel to the spout of the water bottle and let it stick out a small piece so that it can collect the water.
Last but not least, we place the straw between the top and bottom of the water bottle and fix it down.
Finally, stick the water bottle and the straw together, which is the final product.
To use this, simply put the water into the bottom with a funnel and add some seeds and dirt to the top. (P. S.
This is my first note, please feedback.
I\'m going to participate in this hydroponics too, so please vote. )
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