Short-sellers call out charm bracelet, water bottle makers at conference

by:Petolar     2020-09-12
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
At a meeting in New York on Thursday, hedge fund managers wanted to profit from the central stage where share prices fell, targeting water bottle manufacturers for years, charm bracelets and strong stock returns from other consumer companies let-called short-sellers -
Investors who sell borrowed shares and want to make a profit by buying them back later for less-
But recent market volatility has made them more hopeful.
Especially among millennials, the changing tastes have attracted some people to pay special attention to consumer goods companies.
The capital of the peak is to bet on Pandora, a Danish jeweler (PNDORA. CO)
Victoria Hart, portfolio manager, said management turnover was high because of the low sales of charm bracelets.
She expects the stock to fall 30% from the current price.
The company did not respond to requests for comment.
Enrique Abeyta Ubillos of Project M Group, a digital media company, emphasized Anheuser-Busch InBev’s (ABI. BR)
Budweiser has the potential to be challenged by hand winemakers who outsource everything from production to sales.
Mark, because it was a year from the Wall Street Consulting Group to announce the short idea of the past month, mentioned the Helen Co. , Ltd. of Troy (HELE. O)
This makes polyurethane and Brown-
Brand stainless steel kettle for household appliances and water heat preservation cups.
More broadly, Roberts describes the \"brand weakening\" that retailers are trying to compete\"
Store brand at the expense of namebrand items.
Kase learning short film was advertised as the first meeting dedicated to short selling
The sales conference attracted more than 100 managers and investors to hear from industry icons such as David Einhorn of green capital and Carson Block of Muddy Waters on how they found
But some participants said that the real temptation is not very good --
Well-known investors including Jonathan Tunick, who runs Vitalogy Capital Partners;
Ben Axler of Spruce Point Capital Management
Chris Brown of Aristid Capital and Sahm Adrangi of christdale capital.
At a private club in midtown Manhattan, nearly 24 investors, including a five-woman, shared their ideas and suggestions.
Einhorn came on stage but asked his comments not to be recorded.
\"It has been tough for years, but it may change now,\" said an audience investor who declined to be named . \".
The speaker also mentioned that they are at Intelsat SA, a communications satellite service provider (I. N)
Gillian MacIntyre of 221B said the company could be down 50% due to its business model, cash needs and leverage.
The international communications satellite group declined to comment.
Short sellers have drawn attention, such as Muddy Water\'s allegations of fraud by Chinese timber companies.
Forest companies that subsequently filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
But recently, some people
Like Tesla (TSLA. O)
As the market continues to soar, the market is already contrary to what it wants. .
Mark Spiegel, head of Stanphyl Capital Partners, said again that Tesla\'s shares would fall to zero on a day when shares fell. “After a nine-
Bull market ,(short selling)
It\'s like swimming on a swim, \"says Whitney Tillerson, the conference organizer.
During 2007, he sold it by saving his hedge fund --
2009 before the financial crisis.
At the meeting, investors reminded their peers that it usually takes a lot of patience to short stocks.
Axler of Spruce Point said the bet \"could take a long time to resolve,\" he added
Sellers need to be cheeky about criticism and potential legal challenges.
Some encouraged attention to flawed business models rather than waiting for accounting irregularities to emerge, with one investor warning that the next big corporate fraud could be in sight.
\"There will be another ratio (Bernie)
Tunick of Vitalogy Capital Partners said, \"so be prepared.
Last year\'s special short-
Sellers lost an average of 10% as other hedge funds rose.
6%, according to Hedge Fund Research data.
The S & P 500 index rose 22% at the same time.
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