Sionix to deliver water treatment unit by year-end

by:Petolar     2020-06-16
Sept 8, Los Angeles (Reuters)-
A company in Southern California says it is developing a Modular Packaged water treatment system that uses bubbles to clean water for remote areas, or is temporarily unable to access safe water as after natural disasters
Sail company
OB in Irvine, California has developed a system called Elixir that can pre-process water to remove at least 99.
Jim Houtz, president of Sionix, said that 5% of suspended particles do not have chemical by-products.
Houix has sold 16 units and the first will be delivered by the end of this year.
\"There is really no competition for what we do,\" Houtz said . \".
\"We are really the only kids in the block because of our pre-processing methods.
\"These devices can also be used for desalination.
Most traditional water treatment systems use sand penetration as filters and then add chemicals to disinfect the water to ensure safe drinking, says Houtz.
Sionix Elixir system for measuring 40-feet by eight-
Feet, packed in a standard container, can produce at least 325,000 gallons of clear water per day, enough to accommodate about 550 families, Houtz said.
\"This is almost a turnkey product,\" Houtz said . \".
\"It\'s important.
When the container arrives, you level it, put it in, water in, and the waste comes out.
He wants the US government. S.
The military will become a big customer.
This agent can be used at foreign bases in remote areas.
Sionix is also working on a model for drinking water.
Houtz said that the cost of the system depends on the level of contamination of the water before it is processed.
This summer, Sionix signed a contract to deliver 16 systems to an oil drilling service company for $2 million each.
Sionix will provide two systems, says Houtz, and the remaining 14 will be built once they are operational.
The company\'s factory for manufacturing systems is now small, with only 15 employees at Sionix, but Houtz says he expects to expand as more orders arrive.
Houtz calls it Sionix to \"pre-treat\" the water because its system uses water pressure to push the contaminants to the surface, and then basically something that skim the blade removes the particles.
Then water treatment to the level of the enduser desires.
The scale and level of treatment can be customized, says Houtz. (
Bernie Woodell reports;
Editor Jim Marshall)
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