startup makes water filtration fashionable

by:Petolar     2020-09-21
TORONTO (Reuters)-
Manuel DesRoche wants to do something to offset the environmental harm of billions of plastic bottles filled with global landfill sites.
So Montreal, Canada-
Noomi-based entrepreneurs and his sister have developed a unique water filter to help thirsty consumers get rid of their obsession with bottled water. The 23-
Ceramic egg-
The shape of the device holds 11 liters (2. 9 gallons)
Water, and use a combination of gravity and glass filter cartridges to purify common tap water.
This is a fashion twist on 5-
Standard gallon plastic water cooler
Has been working at home and in the office for many years.
Like their father Luc, water and entrepreneur spirit have always been the pioneering force in the life of desrochers
A famous Quebec businessman
Founded HydroSerre Mirabel, the world\'s largest waterfarm vegetable company.
Manuel and Noemie both work for the company in China and then branch themselves to set up aquavel, a company that produces Ovopur.
While Manuel is an architect responsible for overseeing production, Noemie is responsible for the marketing and business development of the business, which is officially launched2007.
The timing of the introduction of high-tech is no worse.
At the beginning of the global recession, terminal water filters entered the market, but nearly three years later, the two have quietly set a name for themselves, and their sales are steadily increasing every year.
\"Our target market is actually 30.
\"Young 50-year-old professionals like its design very much and are happy to hear that it is actually functional,\" Noemie said . \" Who added that they raised the price of the filter from $560 to $660 six months before opening.
\"We think this customer is willing to pay for quality, so they will buy Ovopur for about $700.
Desrochers says her father gave them $40,000 in \"Love Money\" to start a business, and her brother has been developing and testing his prototype in the past.
He chose to avoid using any potentially toxic plastic parts and settle down on porcelain, in part because of its look and feel, but also because it made the water several degrees lower than the room temperature.
They initially looked for local pottery artists to build the buildings, but eventually used Chinese craftsmen.
The units were then assembled at aquavel\'s Montreal plant, where they also added their own custom designs.
\"We went to China first because of their expertise in ceramics and then to the price issue,\" said Noemie . \" He soon defended the negative environmental impact of overseas shipping.
\"At the end of the day, even if shipped from China, you can save many years of plastic bottles, so it\'s still greener than continuing to do the same thing as before.
Desrochers said that despite Ovopur\'s high-priced labels, the unit actually saves household expenses compared to buying bottled water.
After the initial expenditure on the device, Desrochers said that the three glass filter cartridges cost consumers about $200 a year (
$50 per vehicle plus shipping)
There are four-month lifespan.
Desrochers added that families spend an average of less than $300
The price of bottled water is up 600 per year, and two years later Ovopur began saving money for families.
In addition, consumers do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals in plastic bottles going into the water.
According to the Beverage Marketing Company (BMC)
A consulting firm that monitors the global beverage industry, United States of AmericaS.
The bottled water market is an industry of $11 billion a year. In 2008 alone, Americans consumed 8 billion gallons of bottled water.
This represents nearly 40 billion plastic bottles, according to BMC data.
According to research by Desrochers, about 90% of purchased water bottles are eventually discarded in garbage or in nature, and 40% of commercial bottled water is actually tap water.
\"Manuel is very interested in water quality and he is worried about the environment,\" Noemie said . \" Combined with aquavel\'s 2009 revenue of $320,000, the business is expected to bring $850,000 in the fiscal year 2010.
\"He really wants to find a solution that is not plastic and can replace plastic bottles.
Desrochers said the company\'s biggest challenge was sales growth in the lucrative U. S. market. S. market.
Ovopur is currently available in less than 10 stores in the United StatesS.
But Desrochers still expected. S.
Sales will account for half of aquavel\'s revenue by the end of this year.
To achieve this, Desrochers is looking for an additional $250,000 from angel investors to fund new marketing campaigns and bring new products to market.
Later this year, Desrochers said aquavel will launch a high
Reusable glass bottles retail at $60-
80, including removable filter units suitable for any widthmouth bottle.
\"I think we have great products.
Desrochers said his Ovopur was named the best kitchen appliance in 2009 by interior design magazine.
\"We need more money for marketing, development and trade shows in different parts of the world.
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