Tasty additions to your stainless steel protein shaker bottle

by:Petolar     2020-06-20
Let’s be real.
Sometimes protein shakes need a little help.
Although they are right after
When exercising, they may be powdered, have no taste, and sometimes leave a bad taste in your mouth.
To fix this, all you need to do is add some ingredients to make your milkshake worth drinking wisely and still keep it smooth without being coarse and powdery.
Quickly remedy by adding one or two ingredients that will make your protein shake more delicious and easy.
Since these ingredients can easily shake in your protein bottle, there is no need for a blender!
Keep in mind that a protein shake after exercise is critical for those who want to consume the maximum calories and boost their muscles, so don\'t be stingy with your stainless steel protein shake bottle at this step.
For easy mixing, the ingredients that can be shaken vigorously instead of using the mixer are ideal for ease, speed and cleanliness.
Our favorite ingredients include yogurt, honey, and cinnamon, which have great advantages in taste, nutrition, and the convenience of mixing.
Yogurt definitely occupies the largest space (next to cheese)
On the dairy aisle at the grocery store, there is a good reason!
It has a variety of different flavors, varieties, and even ingredients.
These days, the variety of yogurt has been different, from thick Greek yogurt made from 2% milk to plain yogurt made from almond milk.
Original flavor and sugar without sweet tasteladen pie-
The taste exists to satisfy every taste buds.
The most discerning diners will find at least one of their favorite desserts --
Just like healthy foods, adding your stainless steel protein shake is a great choice.
It makes the milkshake with the flavor of your choice, cream and sweetness-and at the same time it is easy to mix into the protein powder and other liquids of your choice.
Cinnamon is another simple additive that can be mixed quickly.
Take any milkshake with the flavor or ingredients of protein and see how fast and easy it is to convert to cinnamon.
It can complement the most classic flavors such as chocolate or vanilla without adding extra heat or weight to the drink itself.
This spice is also touted as an assistant to inflammation, which makes your idea of eating cinnamon directly after an ideal workout in a stainless steel protein shaker.
Finally, honey is a great addition to protein shakes.
It adds a natural sweetness that is not as strong and rough as regular sucrose.
To upgrade honey, consider buying some local raw honey from a farmer\'s market or a supermarket specializing in the production of local ingredients.
Local honey is said to be of great help to people with allergies, making local honey a therapist and precaution, especially when added to a protein shake.
You only need a teaspoon or two to get the benefit!
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