the 15 worst things in your lunch bag

by:Petolar     2020-09-20
Introduction: The healthiest lunch you can eat is made by yourself.
It can also save you a bundle of restaurant food and the landfill will thank you for leaving all the disposable wrapping paper, bowls and packaging.
The problem is that the food industry has convinced us that without a bunch of expensive and wasteful \"convenient\" food, we can\'t make our own lunches, and the worst part is, contains a large number of unhealthy food additives and chemicals.
Luckily, you can still pack a delicious, healthy lunch for yourself or your childfashioned way—from scratch—
It only takes a few minutes a day.
Here are my 15 favorite things that don\'t pack and what should be packed.
Nutrition to be taken, you don\'t eat enough Ofquicklist: space nuclear power source Category: Worst lunch Bagtitle: Vinylurl: body text: colorful, patterned plastic packaging bags and packing boxes can attract kids, but they usually contain a lot of lead and other toxins, and it is almost impossible to clean (
I tried it there. yuck! ).
Better: Choose a reusable, washable, lunch bag made of cotton or nylon and throw it into the machine every weekend.
With small napkins and reusable silverware, you can dine as you like.
If you are unable to use the refrigerator at work or at school, freeze the ice bag in vinyl material --
Free insulated bags may help keep perishable foods low, but test them first.
Pack a can of cold water in a bag with an ice bag, seal it, and let it be placed at room temperature for a few hours, whether it will sit outside between packing and lunch time.
Then open the bag and take the temperature of the water.
If the water is warmer than about 45 degrees, test it again with two frozen ice bags, or plan to pack the room only --temperature-safe foods.
Quicklist: Month Category: Worst lunch Bagtitle: Plasticurl: Body: average lunch contains an amazing single
Use plastic packaging.
And reusable plastic containers, although they may be cheap and unbreakable, may contain hormones-
Destroy chemicals you don\'t want to rub on your food, such as neighboring benzene Ester and BPA.
Better: 4-stock upand 8-
Mason jelly jar Oz!
They\'re only a few more dollars than their peers.
Size of plastic container (
However, they last longer)
Perfect for packing from apple sauce to zucchini bread.
They are almost unbreakable, just as the glass can get and use any standard tank cap --
Don\'t look for the right top through your cabinet again.
Stainless steel container is another good and long container
A lasting choice.
Change your zipper
You can find top-level packages with reusable versions on sites such as ReUseIt.
Com, fill these things with nuts, cookies, grapes and other snacksand-
Go and pack the lunch box.
You can save a lot of plastic packaging (and money)
Compared to pre-packaged single copies.
Add a good reusable water bottle or a stainless steel hot water bottle container for hot items and you can start packing.
Five favorite lessons we learned from plastic
Free Livingquicklist: 3 categories: the worst thing about lunch bags: premade sandwich url: text: believe the food industry will turn humble sandwiches into processed food.
Hard-shelled food and other prefabricated sandwiches
It\'s like the product is loaded high.
Fructose corn syrup, trans fat, preservatives and other additives but lack real food.
Most of the time, their cost is easier than theirs. to-
Do peer.
Better: it\'s not hard to make your own sandwich, you can even make your own \"hard-shell-free food\" with no nasty additives and can be frozen in advance.
Nut butter, chopped cooked meat, canned salmon, and ground cheese are all good frozen sandwich ingredients, according to the University of NE.
Before transferring the assembled sandwich to the refrigerator, freeze for about an hour
Safe container, but add condiments and ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles on the day you eat, as these things become soft and humid in the refrigerator.
To make a frozen PB & J, first apply a little butter to the jelly side of the sandwich to prevent the jam from soaking in the bread and soaking the bread wet.
Quick List: 4 categories: the worst thing in the lunch bag: \"lunch\" url: text: Don\'t let me start with lunch and other overpriced items
Lunch feed packed with plastic pallets, which contains some tidbits of this and that, most of which contain salt and preservatives.
The last time I was in the supermarket, I even saw a Mickey Mouse shape. Argh!
Better: pack similar healthier ingredients in small containers.
Make a bunch at a time, pack them quickly at hand, and ask diners to pick their own combinations every night or morning.
Typical options such as cheese pieces or chips, salsa or pizza sauce, full
Cut cereal cookies
The vegetables and fruits, as well as the real cooked meat, are great, but the possibilities are endless.
Get a hint from the Japanese and assemble your options in the lunch box.
The worst thing in your supermarket list: Category 5: The worst thing in a lunch bag Title: lunch meat url: text: processed lunch meat tends to be rich in sodium, nitrate, fat and fat
Soluble pesticide
Better: you can save a bundle on your lunch, which means taking a little time to roast chicken or bigger beef over the weekend.
Chop or slice the sandwich for convenience-fixings.
Or, for a quick, no.
Another option is to buy canned fish.
Salmon is a very low food.
The Mercury exchange between tuna and sardines is a powerful omega-3 punch.
Terrible meat facts you need to know: Category 6: worst thing in a lunch bag Title: Crackersurl: text: most cookies are made of fine flour, unhealthy fat, sugar
Better: choose to list cookies with whole grain flour as the first ingredient or try to make it yourself.
It\'s easy, at the price of a box of cookies, you can buy a bag of flour, worth four to five boxes.
Title: cereals and granola: text: Here are two healthy-
The food industry has become something closer to candy than real food.
Better: look for a bar with at least 2g of fiber and less than 10g of sugar or save money and do it yourself no-Baked snacks
11 kinds of natural grains that are not fast: Category 8: The worst thing in lunch
Healthy foods that are too much sugar and additives to keep indefinitely.
They are also packed in disposable containers with exquisite price tags.
Better: make real puddings with organic milk and condiments, or try other traditional cooked puddings and pour them into small jars when you need them.
Even pudding mixed with your own fresh milk may be better for you than on the shelf --stable stuff.
Make flavored jelly
By dissolving 1 pack of unseasoned gelatin (
If you are a vegetarian, or 1 teaspoon of qiongjiao powder)
Add a cup of cold juice to a cup of heated juice for 2 cups. (
Make the shape clear with 2 packs of gelatin. )
Add some fresh fruit if you wish, pour into small containers and refrigerate until set.
Quick List: Category 9: worst thing in lunch bag Title: fruit snacks: text: usually only fruit in fruit rolls and \"snacks\" are in the picture on the package, most of these products contain a lot of high
Fruit-Portuguese syrup and artificial pigments and spices.
Better: pack fresh whole fruit, slices of fruit, dried fruit or homemade fruit leather.
Quick List: 9 categories: the worst thing in a lunch bag Title: cookies, dim sum cakes, muffins and other commercial baked goods
Fructose corn syrup, trans fat, white flour and preservatives to keep them \"fresh\", these items are guaranteed to hit diners with sugar and are destined to fall into half
I was in a coma in a few hours.
Better: pack dried fruit or fruit and nut sticks for a sweet lunch.
Buy an organic biscuit box with a packaging value of 100 calories (
Eat three cookies a lot)
In small containers, or make your own baked goods, pack small portions.
Delicious after 5 simple recipes
School Snack List: 10 categories: the worst thing in a lunch bag
Serving yogurt: text: yogurt is a great food unless the food industry has mastered yogurt and added excessive sweeteners, colors and artificial spices.
A better way: buy plain or slightly sweet organic yogurt with quart and place it in small containers with fresh fruit, chopped dried fruit or a little fruit.
Making your own yogurt with organic milk is very easy, no special equipment is needed, will save you more money.
Quick List: 11 categories: the worst thing in a lunch bag Title: Cookie wrap: text: easy and healthy-
Sounds like these plasticsswathed six-
There is a reason why a pack of cookie sandwiches are cheap: they are almost free of real food and contain a large amount of hidden sugar, fat and preservatives.
Better: Make your own cookie sandwich with a full cookie sandwich
Cereal cookies and organic nuts or seed butter, soft cheese or your own cheese sauce.
Mix 8 oz grated cheddar cheese with 4 tablespoons of softened organic butter to make cheddar cheese.
Make a bunch of cookie sandwiches, put them in the fridge and grab a few at lunch every day.
7 packaged foods quicklist that you never need to buy again: 12 categories: the worst thing about lunch similar foods are rich in salt, fat and calories, usually made from genetically modified ingredients.
Even pretzels made of refined white flour are not so-than-
The best choice for snacks.
Better: for some salty crunch packs, some ounces of light salt nuts, homemade lightly seasoned bagels or grilled cornflakes, real vegetable slices (
Sliced, dehydrated vegetables dyed green and orange in unprocessed foods)
Or make a batch of kale fries.
Quicklist: 13 categories: the worst thing about lunch bags: Bottled water url: text: Most bottled water is nothing more than tap water wrapped in disposable plastic, but the price is 1,900 times higher than the tap, according to the Environmental Working Group.
Better: Invest in stainless steel water bottles-
A good one will cost you $12 to $15.
After about two months, you will return your investment based on the brand of bottled water you purchased and how much water you drank.
Title: juice, juice drink or sports drink: text: sweet drinks are a huge source of hidden calories, and those who add artificial sweeteners also have disadvantages.
In addition, many drinks contain artificial colors and flavors and are disposable --
Service container.
If you want the taste and nutrition of the fruit, eat the fruit!
It\'s full of fiber and won\'t make your blood sugar soar.
When you don\'t have good tap water during the day, in order to quench your thirst and keep your moisture, pack regular water, tea or coffee in reusable bottles.
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